Battle Trees and Pokemon Leagues In ‘Pokemon Sun’ And ‘Pokemon Moon’


Battle Tree

The Battle Tree (or vegetarian Battle Mansion if you prefer) is an end game battle arena where strong Trainers can battle other strong Trainers. However there is a pre-requisite for this piece of content, and that is beating the Alolan Island Challenges or being assumed to be strong enough to complete them. In this regard it is quite similar to other numerous battling arenas throughout the Pokemon universe – Battle Mansion, Battle Chateau, Battle Resort and Battle Frontier to name a few. This is nothing new as each game wants to give Pokemon Trainers an area to battle and hone their skills after the main game. What is new are your allies and your competition.

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 8.18.16 pm.png

While it can be assumed that strong Trainers from around the Alola Region will be challengeable there, like your Rival as well as Hau, there are some special guests arriving. Powerful trainers such as Wally, one of your rivals from ORAS, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, as well as Cynthia, the Champion from Diamond and Pearl, will be coming to Alola. These Trainers can be challenged to battles as well as contracted as allies in double battles. How the tables have turned, once we were rivals and now we will be allies, fighting the same fight (metaphorically speaking). Plus it is nice to see Wally looking well again.


But wait there’s more. Strong those previous Trainers may be, but they do not compare to the OG Trainers, Red and Blue from the first Pokemon games. Blue, otherwise known as Gary Oak is still the over-talkative, competitive Trainer we all knew and were meant to dislike and defeat consistently. Red on the other hand is still his same chatty self, carrying on the tradition of not speaking for about 20 years now. They both will sport some of their signature Pokemon from their first iterations, Alakazam for Blue and Pikachu for Red, being just a couple.

Pokemon League


Nintendo is really pulling out all the stops to shake things up this time. While in previous games the Pokemon League was already established and had been established for some time, in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon the Alolan League is still being developed, perhaps due to the importance of the Island Trials in Alolan culture. The new Pokemon League, being built on Mount Lanakila, may just be another hurdle to overcome for budding Trainers in this region and not replacing the sacred Trials. It is also worth mentioning that Lanakila is Hawaiian for victory or triumph. An apt name for the Pokemon League mountain.

One more thing needs to be seen however and that is, which members of the Alola Region are going to become members of the Elite Four? It could be Trainers we have never seen before and so it could be quite insignificant. However given their status in Alolan culture, the members of the Elite Four could be either the Kahunas of the four Islands or the Trial Captains. There are four of each and all of them are powerful, but if I had to put money on it, my guess would be the Kahunas. They occupy a powerful position within the Alola Region looking over the islands and each being chosen by a Guardian Pokemon. It would make sense but maybe that is too obvious.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be released on November 18th 2016. Get excited Trainers it is almost here.


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