Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2: Tone Titan Guide


  • The Tone is a middle-ground Titan and deals a spread of damage over time with a giant Tracker Cannon that fires reasonably quickly.
  • This Titan has mid-range health which causes it to absorb a lot more punishment than weaker Titans, allowing it to remain in direct combat for a longer period of time and thus deal more damage.
  • Tone also has mid-range mobility equipped with a single dash. This dash regenerates fairly quickly allowing for quick motion changes in combat or when fleeing a battle. Tone has a reasonably quick movement speed so that is optimal when not in combat, leaving the dash for swift motion changes when needed.


The Tone is equipped with a 40mm Tracker Cannon that fires heavy explosive rounds in a semi-auto fashion. The Tracker Cannon is able to dish out heavy damage to a single target, amplified due to the round’s confined nature. It is more of a middle to close range weapon with damage fall off occurring at the longer ranges causing it to be kind of futile. On top of this, it leaves this Titan open to attacks from the longer range Titans. The Tracking Cannon also grants a partial lock-on which is required in order to utilise the Tracking Rockets.


Salvo Core
Guided Missiles that follow where Tone aims. The Salvo Core, like all other Titan Cores, is charged by completing beneficial actions while piloting your Titan. This particular Core releases a relentless barrage of missiles that follow your aiming reticle. While this is occurring you maintain contact with the ground so there is no airborne advantage (so make sure they can’t escape too quickly behind a building). This barrage only goes for a short while, delivering massive damage and can easily clear a few Titans if they are in the same area and have been sufficiently weakened. Barring that, a Titan with full health can still be seriously damaged if all the missiles hit. Though it should be mentioned that the tracking on the Salvo Core missiles isn’t incredibly aggressive so they can be easily stopped by a building or rubble if your enemy decides to hide.

Tracking Rockets
Like the name suggests, these rockets track Tone’s targets, more specifically, target. These rockets can only target one enemy at a time and require a lock-on in order to be fired. Due to this nature, the rockets are only really beneficial to deliver heavy damage to a single Titan as opposed to Grunts and Pilots. The lock-on comes quite easily through combat and as long as you manage to land three shots from your Tracking Cannon you will be golden. This lock will still be there even if your opponent ducks around a corner to escape (at least for a small window). On top of this, there is no real cooldown for the rockets, so long as there is a lock, you can fire.

Particle Wall
This is an energy shield that activates on whatever side you were facing when throwing it up. It can absorb a reasonable amount of fire but it isn’t incredibly resilient. However, it can be useful when needing to block a series of powerful attacks but you shouldn’t rely upon it as a steadfast and never-failing retreat. On top of that, the Particle Wall only blocks fire from one side and since the width just barely covers Tone you can still be damaged fairly easily on a large battlefield. Enemy Titans and Pilots can move through the shield to get to your Titan but your bullets can go through it as well.

Sonar Lock
Sonar Lock is a solitary missile that travels in whatever direction you were aiming upon activation. It serves to reveal enemies in an area as well as granting a partial lock-on. This means that you can discover opposing Pilots and Titans that have been either harassing or hiding from you as well as determining how big a force is arrayed against you. The partial lock also helps when attempting to gain tracking for your rockets.

Best Use

Tone is a middle of the road Titan that is for the player that does not want to lean too heavily into one stat. This Titan is suitable for direct confrontations out in the open battlefield as it can absorb a fair amount of punishment before being put down, which is definitely an advantage. On top of this, the tracking abilities of Tone do not function at the longer ranges, so if you are attempting to stay back, it is a waste of potential; the Tracking Rockets are one of the main staples of this mech. The 40mm Cannon has the ability to target individual Pilots and Grunts without too much difficulty, delivering heavy damage assuming you can compensate for the delay after firing but in the same vein, the heavy explosive damage allows it to deal a lot of pain to opposing Titans, especially with sustained fire. Maintain the middle to close range ground, and time your shots well to ensure that you put out maximum damage

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