Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2: Scorch Titan Guide


  • Since the Scorch Titan deals damage in a focused way, it has the highest possible damage output for the Titans but as a consequence, the Thermite Launcher that Scorch utilises is quite slow to fire and prepare.
  • Scorch was designed to absorb heavy punishment, having a high defence stat allowing it to be in open and violent combat for a longer period of time.
  • As a consequence of the above stats, the Scorch Titan has an extremely slow and lumbering movement style, almost appearing to not go anywhere at all. It is equipped with a solitary dash that takes a fair while to regenerate. This is not a Titan you will utilise for its speed capabilities.


Scorch comes equipped with a T-203 Thermite Launcher, which fires Thermite-filled grenades at opposing forces. The Thermite Launcher can deal impressive damage to a single target, with minor explosive damage around it, with the annoying drawback of having to reload a new grenade after firing. The launcher only holds one grenade in the mag, but with its impressive damage, it’s not a huge hindrance, unless you like faster firing Titans. The Thermite Launcher is more of a close-range weapon due to the delay between shooting and the grenade hitting your target but if you are smart with your shots you can easily deal a lot of damage at middling ranges.


Flame Core
Thermite shockwave that engulfs targets along its path. The Thermite shockwave is a massive two-fisted ground-pound that sends out a deadly rolling wave of fire away from the Scorch Titan in the direction you were aiming towards. It travels a fair distance and deals damage to any and all targets that stumble into the inferno, including multiple Titans, Grunts, and even unlucky Pilots who were in the area at the time. You charge your Titan Core by completing beneficial actions such as attacking and killing enemy Pilots, Grunts, and Titans. This also applies to any damage dealt to them without killing them.

This tactical ability involves the Scorch Titan slamming a fist (there is a pattern emerging here) at which point a line of fire erupts forth from the aforementioned fist. This line of fire remains there for a short time dealing damage to any that come in contact with it. It is a ground-based ability so standing structures can block it, such as buildings or walls. As such the Firewall is more of a close-range ability and deals a lot of damage at that range.

Thermal Shield
Similar to the Vortex Shield minus the power to refire collected bullets, the Thermal Shield instead completely melts them as they pass through. The Scorch really likes fire. It has a reasonably short life while it’s activated so ensure to only use it when absolutely necessary. An added bonus to this fiery shield is the fact that it burns any enemies that are nearby when it is activated. This damage counts to Grunts, Pilots, and even other Titans.

Incendiary Trap
This little ability is quite strategic and can be great for offensive or defensive manoeuvres. It consists of the Scorch Titan throwing out ignitable Thermite gas canisters that explode at the slightest spark. And did I mention that Scorch loves fire? A single Thermite grenade into the same area or any fire in general and the trap will go up in flames with a mighty explosion. Perfect for disorienting your opponents as well as dealing a lot of damage in the process.

Best Use

Scorch is a Titan that has next to no agility but in return benefits greatly from high health and lethal damage output. This Titan is not going to win any races but close-range Titan fistfights are not out of the question. Due to its high health, it can remain in open combat for impressive amounts of time, which when coupled with the high damage output allows for it to deal incredible punishment to hostile forces. However, while using this Titan, your best bet is to remain up close in order to maximise offensive capabilities, due to the fact that most of the weapon systems and abilities of Scorch rely on being up close and personal.

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