Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2: Ion Titan Guide


  • The Ion Titan is a versatile, but complex Titan that is not capable of dealing incredible amounts of damage in straight bursts. With Ion’s Splitter Rifle, just blindly firing at a hostile entity will not be the most effective way to take them down, due to its precision nature. Precision shots magnify the damage of the Ion Titan.
  • Health wise, the Ion Titan is middle of the range, capable of taking a decent amount of damage but not being so incredibly armoured that it will take large coordinated teams to take it down. While playing as Ion, utilise cover quite often to minimise the amount of direct damage you take.
  • Another middle range stat, Ion’s mobility is just enough to compliment its damage output and health in such a way that it can escape combat quite effectively, especially against the slower, more damaging Titans. Equipped with a single dash that regenerates fairly quickly, Ion is able to essentially duck and weave, only to appear quickly and whittle down the health of opposing Titans and Pilots.


Ion utilises a reloadable Splitter Rifle which fires out blasts of focused energy towards hostile forces. Fitted with a magazine of 40, the Splitter Rifle can fire in two different modes, the first being the basic automatic point and shoot. This does not deal heavy damage but can be effective to eliminate Pilots and deal quick damage on the go. The alternative method of fire is a much stronger split shot, which is activated by shooting while aiming down sights and splits each shot fired into several energy blasts, dealing extra damage if two or more of these blasts hit a single target. Perfect for hostile Titans or groups of Pilots/Grunts. This alternative firing method drains stored energy that Ion builds up in combat. However, with the Splitter Rifle, you will have to lead your targets as there is no hit scan on this weapon. Best for close range engagements in that case.


Laser Core
A new Core, the Ion Titan continues its laser-based build with a powerful chest fired laser cannon that deals incredible amounts of damage, assuming you can maintain contact with your target. It has a middling range to it and damage will obviously be optimal the closer you are to the target, as it minimises escape effectiveness. It essentially obliterates anything that it comes into contact with, Titans being a bit more resistant to its charms but it will still deal serious damage, enough for you to be able to finish them off without too much difficulty. The Laser Core is charged by doing anything beneficial in your Titan from scoring kills, assists, or dealing damage.

Laser Shot
This ability is a fun one. A powerful shoulder-mounted laser that can be fired rapidly for decent damage, optimised by nailing those precision shots. With the nature of this laser, it isn’t hard for pinpoint targeting. The Laser Shot has a quick recharge time and can be charged to deal additional damage or to allow you the optimal time to line up a precision shot. This ability drains energy the longer it is charged, up to a point, so the more energy you have stored, the greater the damage output for Laser Shot.

Vortex Shield
A fairly common ability in Titanfall, the Vortex Shield is a hand-mounted shield that stops bullets in their tracks and as an added bonus collects them. They can then be fired back at any target you choose to aim at. Give your opponents a taste of their own medicine. The Vortex Shield cannot be held up indefinitely, so utilise it only when you absolutely need it. However, it can consume Ion’s collected energy which makes it a tad bit stronger when used.

And now we come to the trap. The Tripwire is a close range set of explosive mines activated by hostile forces moving through a laser tripwire. The tripwire activates the mines which deals significant damage to whatever decided to risk the trip (get it?). However, while the damage is fantastic, the Tripwires are easy to see, being bright yellow and on the larger side, so unless the opposing Titans or Pilots aren’t the brightest, it will be hard to get them to trigger it if you activate it from a distance. However, if you are being pursued or engaged in a close-range fight, they can definitely give you the edge by delivering a well-timed shock.

Best Use

The Ion Titan is a laser-based, precision-loving Titan that can boost damage by drawing from a stored energy pool. It does not have incredibly high damage output so blind firing will be a waste of its potential. Scoring those precision shots will be worth the additional effort. Utilise the Ion’s middling mobility to dodge the heavier attacks or the quick attacks of faster Titans in order to pop up, hit hard and fast with Ion’s array of weaponry, then disappearing before taking too much heat. In essence, Ion is more of a skirmisher Titan.

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