Mass Effect Andromeda

A Second First Step For Humanity With ‘Mass Effect’s’ Andromeda Initiative

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Today marks N7 day (at least in America) and the Andromeda Initiative has finally launched. After a relatively quick preamble on Twitter and other social networks where interested gamers were encouraged to join in order to learn more about the new adventure where you have the chance to complete activities and earn exclusive rewards.

What Is The Andromeda Initiative?

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The Andromeda Initiative is a multi-species colonisation effort to find a new home for humanity in the Andromeda Galaxy by sending scientists explorers and colonists on a one way trip. Founded in 2176 and launched in 2185, this projected 600 year journey is massive in scope, both financially and danger wise.

What Is The Pathfinder?

A Pathfinder is a seasoned explorer that is leading the charge into the unknown Andromeda Galaxy. Each Ark ship, of which Arc Hyperion is one, is designated a Pathfinder. Hyperion is led by a seasoned galactic explorer by the name of Alex Ryder who was one of the first to discover and test the Mass Relays. Having completed his N7 training, this brave explorer and one of the military elite within the Alliance, he was recruited into the Andromeda Initiative to help find a new home for humanity.

Just Humanity?

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It would not be a Mass Effect game without some alien diversity. While so far it has been confirmed that Turians will be present within the game, other races have been suspiciously absent. In the trailers, it can be seen that Salarians and Krogans are present with an Asari scattered here and there. However the Asari do not appear to be dressed in the uniform of the Andromeda Initiative so perhaps they have a homeworld in the Andromeda Galaxy or perhaps the lone Asari managed to sneak aboard the Hyperion or Nexus somehow.

In the brief we are told that three other Ark ships each housing a sole species are destined for Andromeda, with humanity being the forth. That does not give us a lot of species diversity and with no word on the Quarians and the myriad of other races in the previous games we may be looking at an almost brand new landscape. Although the Quarians have a fleet so I am not too worried about them not being in the next instalment.


With the activation of the Andromeda Initiative, recruits will be able to complete training, which will be released periodically, the Brief being the first step. After completing all 6 training segments, you will gain access to a Pathfinder Grade helmet. A new in-game item for the upcoming Mass Effect : Andromeda is incentive enough for anyone to complete their training. Lets all journey to Andromeda together.

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