Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2: Ronin Titan Guide


  • The Ronin Titan, while being one of the faster Titans in the game, has middling damage that based on the nature of the shots, can cover a fairly wide range. The combination of the Ronin’s abilities allows it to deal increased and sustained damage over a short period of time.
  • This Titan, while being quite fast and reasonably powerful, has low health and so cannot absorb too much punishment in the open field of battle. Even less so against multiple Titans. The Ronin is definitely a hit and run type mech, emulating the ninja.
  • Ronin has the highest possible mobility allowing it to basically glide over the battlefield with almost no effort. Equipped with two dashes that regenerate rapidly, the Ronin Titan is designed to move and move quickly, leaving enemies confused and guessing as to where you’re going next.


The Ronin Titan’s main weapon is a Leadwall Shotgun perfectly complimenting this mech’s close-range playstyle. It has a significantly wide bullet spread when fired and delivers three bullets per trigger pull. This can deliver significant punishment to your enemies, but as a consequence of the high damage output, it can only fire four times before needing to be reloaded. But with the quick reload time you will be able to get back into the action sooner. The spread of bullets fired by the Leadwall allows you to blanket areas in projectiles, eliminating multiple Grunts or Pilots in a single shot as well as being afforded multiple chances per shot to hit your targets.


Sword Core
An exciting Core for all lovers of melee combat, the Sword Core allows Ronin to take his signature broadsword and electrify it. This electricity boosts the effectiveness of his block as well as empowering any and all melee attacks utilised while the Core is active. This allows for an offensive as well as defensive use when compared to the sole offence of many Cores. It can also be used in tandem, the blocking allowing Ronin to get close to an opponent and the empowered sword damage enabling the mech to finish off any hostiles. The opportunities are endless.

Arc Wave
The Arc Wave is a devastating line of electrified energy that slows and damages any enemies that come into contact with it. Since the Arc Wave has enough damage to eliminate Pilots and Grunts quite quickly, the slowing effect will be of greatest benefit against opposing Titans. While delivering damage over time, it will also boost the Ronin’s mobility, allowing for more attacks and less damage sustained from your opponent/s. Plus it looks really cool!

Sword Block
The Sword Block is just a new way for the Ronin Titan to deflect incoming fire, similar to the Scorch Shield and Vortex Shield. The Ronin Titan holds up its sword and parries fired bullets reducing the damage taken by the mech. It cannot block all the bullets but can stop enough to allow you to retreat or to advance enough to deal heavy damage.

Phase Dash
The Phase Dash is a quick directional phase shift that allows the Ronin to essentially meld between realities for a short time allowing for quick directional changes that can alter the flow of combat. The Phase Dash moves in the direction you are moving in when you activate it and has decent control while you’re in it. The Phase Dash can allow for quick combat adjustments that will provide the edge for the Ronin as well as being quite cool to look at and quite disorienting to defend against.

Best Use

The Ronin Titan is capable of dealing heavy damage at closer ranges but due to its lower health, will not survive direct confrontation for too long out in the open. Utilise the Ronin’s high level of mobility as well as the Phase Dash to keep your opponents guessing and to make it harder for them to pin you down. Ronin’s strength lies in hit-and-run tactics, and the Leadwell Shotgun emphasises this with its low magazine. Emptying the clip at close range and either finding cover while you reload or staying in constant motion will allow you the best chance of success. Never stop moving and utilise all your abilities in tandem for the most combat effectiveness.

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