Dishonored 2

‘Dishonored 2’ Low Chaos : How To Increase The Power Of The Electroshock Machine In The Clockwork Mansion


While traipsing around the Clockwork Mansion as either Corvo or Emily, you eventually come across Kirin Jindosh and his laboratory of interchangeable parts. If you are attempting a passive run or find that just simply killing Jindosh is a little boring, you may want to strap him into his electroshock machine.

This machine, when calibrated to the right frequency enables undesirable parts of an individuals brain to become wiped, allowing people to be more subservient or docile. Jindosh had been utilising this machine on Sokolov, with limited effect but now the tables have turned.


For the most part, you may get a message once he is strapped in to the machine that you need more power and that you have to figure out how to increase it. This took me an embarrassingly long time considering there is a note in the laboratory explaining how to do it but here is the gist of it. The entire laboratory has a finite power supply and differing sections of the lab, drain certain amounts of power.

The above photo is of the machines that you need to activate in order to alter the structure of the laboratory, there are two of them scattered around the fringes of the lab. On a blackboard in the same area there is a drawing with a bunch of numbers written on it which correspond to how much power each area consumes. It is also the same number that is lit up on the machine. You must find the right combination of platforms in order for there to be enough power to fully charge the electroshock machine. Spoiler below.


My Solution : Anatomy and Optics.

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