Our Partner Pokemon Have Their Own Z-Moves!

Starter Pokemon.jpg

In the wake of many specific Pokemon acquiring their very own Z-Moves, as well as type specific Z-Moves being a thing in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, we now have one more thing to look forward to in this next instalment. The final evolutions of the starter Pokemon have their own Z-Moves.

The first evolutions of the starter Pokemon were already shown utilising the type specific Z-Moves in an earlier release – Litten (Inferno Overdrive), Rowlet (Bloom Doom) and Popplio (Hydro Vortex), but now that they are all grown up, they have learnt some new tricks.

Decidueye : Sinister Arrow Raid

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 11.49.45 am.png

This Z-Move involves taking Decidueye’s role as an archer to a whole new level, summoning 20 quill arrows and dive-bombing its target. Decidueye essentially acts as a guide for the arrows, first striking the target and retreating as every one of the quill arrows strikes the opposing Pokemon.

Incineroar : Malicious Moonsault


Next up is the wrestling fire cat Incineroar who summons a fire wrestling ring (or square) around the opposing Pokemon. It then launches itself into the air and body slams straight down upon its target, dealing impressive damage, while looking quite dramatic.

Primarina : Oceanic Operetta


Finally we have the coolest Z-Move (in my opinion) that is utilised by the bubble-wielding Primarina. This Pokemon summons the giant water bubble with its voice and pushes it to its target. At this point, it is able to explode the bubble as it envelops the hostile Pokemon. It also has the added side effect of looking exactly like a Spirit Bomb. A Pokemon Spirit Bomb (I absolutely love this franchise).



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