Pokemon Sun And Pokemon Moon : Special Event Pokemon

Pokemon Celebrating.gif

As a little added bonus for Trainers who are delving into the Alola Region on the back of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon we are getting some cool new Pokemon with a few special effects.



The pre-evolved form of Snorlax, this dopey little Pokemon will enter into the collections of any and all Trainers who purchase Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon by the 11th of January 2017. So if you haven’t pre-ordered either one of the new games yet, you still have plenty of time to make up your mind. This Event Munchlax will be available through your internet connection anywhere between the 18th of November and 11th of January.

However this is not any ordinary Munchlax. First off, it holds a move known as Hold Back, which leaves the target Pokemon at 1HP no matter its level or type. Of course this only functions properly if Munchlax is considerably stronger than its opponent. This move will enable Munchlax to be utilised to weaken Pokemon for capture granting you a larger chance of success. It will also know the move Happy Hour, which doubles the payout at the end of the battle, so you can splurge away on Pokeballs and Potions.

Pulverising Pancake.jpg

Thats not all folks, this Munchlax will allow a unique item to become available in your copy of Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon – Snorlium Z. The Snorlium Z will allow the Snorlax that your Munchlax evolves into, to utilise the Z-Move Pulverising Pancake. This may be your only opportunity to get your hands on this item and be able to use this devastating and hilarious move.



Ash-Greninja is a special Greninja that is available for transfer to Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon by way of playing through the Sun and Moon demo, available in the Nintendo Store for free. After completing the demo, you will be able to send this awesome Greninja to your copy of Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon.

The unique form of this Pokemon is known as the bond phenomenon and only occurs where the bond between a Pokemon and its Trainer is ultra strong. Ash-Greninja comes standard with the moves;

*Water Shuriken
*Aerial Ace
*Double Team
*Night Slash

It also has the unique ability known as Battle Bond, which causes the normal Greninja to change into its Ash-Greninja form after it causes an opposing Pokemon to faint during a battle. This change is only present until after the battle is over, much like Mega Evolution, but it provides a boost to the stats of Greninja while it is in effect.



Magearna is a mythical Pokemon that was created by a genius scientist almost 500 years before the events of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. It will be obtainable at a later date via a QR code that can be scanned by the inbuilt QR scanner in the upcoming games. After the code is scanned, Magearna will be available for pick up from the antique shop in the Hau’oli city shopping mall.

It will know the moves;

*Fleur Cannon
*Flash Cannon
*Lucky Chant
*Helping Hand

On top of this, it will hold a new unique ability known as Soul Heart, which boosts the Special Attack stat of this Pokemon when another Pokemon in the area of battle faints. This applies to both allies and hostiles. It will also have a held item when you receive it, the mysterious Bottle Cap. This item will be useful when accessing the new form of training, known as Hyper Training, as it is apparently the only currency Mr Hyper will accept.

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