Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2: Legion Titan Guide


  • Legion has the highest possible damage output, able to deliver almost unrelenting punishment for a decent length of time. This Titan is designed to blow through everything that ends up in its path and its abilities compliment that fact by making every attack count.
  • Complimenting the high damage output of Legion, it also has the highest possible health. This means that it can remain out in the open battlefield for longer stretches of time, and can engage multiple hostile Titans with ease. Although Legion’s health is not infinite so strategy is still needed.
  • Legion has the lowest possible mobility for all Titans. It may hit hard and take a lot of damage but this is one Titan you definitely do not want for its speed. Equipped with a whopping zero dashes, you will have to plan your approaches to opposing forces as you will not be able to just simply dash out of the way. Coupled with this, Legion has very slow movement speed making it an opportune target if ambushed.


Legion’s weapon of choice is the Predator Cannon, essentially a minigun. This weapon requires a charge up before it can be fired, revolving the barrel of the cannon a few times before the steady stream of bullets begins to hose out. This wait time can be mitigated by spinning up the cannon beforehand (kind of a standby mode) and can be triggered by holding the Left Trigger. Once it begins to fire, the bullets exit in a steady, devastating stream that prevents a consistent counterattack, due to the disorientingly high damage. However, the drawback ofthe Predator Cannon’s power is that after a short amount of constant fire, the minigun will overheat, requiring it to cool down for it to be fired again. In this regard, utilise other abilities intermittently to give your main weapon a break.


Smart Core
This Core provides Legion with infinite ammo and assists in targeting by locking onto all opposing targets on your HUD. This allows you to dole out incredible damage without being foiled by those fast moving targets such as Pilots and the more agile Titans. This core is purely offensive and will enable you to take out at least one Titan without too much difficulty.

Power Shot
This ability is a short charge up of the Predator Cannon that delivers a quick burst of significant damage. At the closer ranges, the Power Shot will knock back any enemies in its path. This of course only works on Titans, as Pilots and Grunts will easily be eliminated. In the same breath, the Power Shot can deal damage at long ranges with the burst being able to deliver precision damage. The charge up time for this ability is only approximately a second so it will not take Legion out of the fight for too long.

Gun Shield
This is a fun ability that compliments the Legion’s aggressive style of play. As opposed to a shielding ability that negates the use of other attacks for a short time, the Gun Shield establishes a kind of energy based blast wall around the Predator Cannon. This allows Legion to have a mobile defence system while outputting heavy damage. The Gun Shield causes Legion to create its own cover and forces hostile forces to flee or try to flank when they realise they cannot deal straight damage. The only downsides to the Gun Shield are that it is one-directional and only lasts for a short period of time.

Mode Switch
This ability allows Legion to alternate the function of his Predator Cannon rounds, changing them from long range to close range depending on the battlefield scenario. Close range rounds have a fairly wide spread and can deliver incredible amounts of punishment at the middling to close ranges, However, they experience some damage falloff at the longer ranges making it harder to hit your targets. Switching to long-range rounds allows Legion to hit far off targets with greater ease, making up for his lack of mobility.

Best Use

The Legion Titan is the powerhouse of Titanfall 2, capable of doling out excessive punishment and damage to any targets unlucky enough to come across it on the Frontier. However, use it with caution, as it has practically zero mobility, equipped with no dashes, so while it can absorb heavy damage it’s not able to retreat in a quick-like fashion to escape. Consider strategic moves within cover as opposed to a blind charge out into the open. If you are stuck in the open, the Gun Shield will assist with your defence and offence simultaneously and is your best bet for long term survival. Be prepared to hit hard and move slow.

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