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The Tales Of Sandcastle Wraiths -Sandygast and Palossand.

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If you have been following the release of the upcoming Pokemon game you may have been introduced to Palossand, coming to Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon in a couple days. This unique Pokemon has been subject to some ridicule based on its appearance and the fact that it is a haunted sand castle. But the fact of the matter is, Palossand and its pre-evolution Sandygast are some scary ghost types with the fact that they thrive off of dead Pokemon.

Pokemon Tower.png

Lets begin with Sandygast. These Pokemon are formed by the grudges of deceased Pokemon that are removed from the world by the evolution of Sandygast, known as Palossand. For those that do not know, a grudge is a malevolent spirit of something that used to be alive. When these grudges sink into the sand, the Sandygast emerges a short while later, with its shovel and a singular anger.

The grudges are created by being sucked into the body of Palossand, who absorbs the vitality of those Pokemon. The Pokemon is then left lifeless while traces of its ill will sink into the sand and begin the cycle all over again.

However these two sandy Pokemon are not just a danger to other Pokemon but also to humans who live near the beaches that they call home. Sandygast is able to control children who grab the shovel on the top of its head without caution. It then uses these children to build up its sandy abode and increase its power. Fast forward to its evolution and it can be seen that the ghostly power of Palossand has increased, being able to manipulate and control adult humans, forcing them to develop a sand palace that bolsters their defence and allows them to camouflage, waiting for their next victims.


These two Pokemon are essentially part of a vicious ghostly cycle and if you aren’t wary, your Pokemon could fall victim to the life sucking vices of Sandygast and Palossand, the Ghost/Ground Wraiths.


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