Titanfall 2

4 Tips For Making The Most Of Your Titanfalls


In the combat of Titanfall 2 and especially in the multiplayer, there is nothing worse than finally getting your Titan mech, climbing into the cockpit and then getting blasted to smithereens by enemy Titans or Pilots before you even get a chance to fight back. It has happened to me several times which prompted me to begin to think about how to make the best of each and every Titanfall.

Drop Your Titan In A Safe Zone


This may seem a little obvious but as you get caught up in the combat it can be easy to lose track of strategy with your desire to just jump in to your heavily armed mech and start crushing your foes. But as you climb into your Titan, if you are surrounded by a few of your opponents, it can take a little while to get your bearings and as you are acquiring them, hostiles have begun to fire at you, whittling away your health rather rapidly and destroying you before you really have a chance to fight back. This is why dropping your Titan into a safe zone or one that is free from danger at that time is sometimes the best policy. You have a chance to analyse the battlefield and determine the best course of action.

Be Aware


Once again obvious but can be tricky when put into practice. Unless you are able to phase into your Titan, it takes a few seconds to fully mount up into your mech. Those seconds as well as the time it takes to run to your Titans location should be spent scanning the battlefield. Check hostile Titan locations and your radar constantly so that when you do jump into your mech you can either block, dash away or jump straight into the fight without any hesitation. This goes somewhat against the above tip but you have a greater chance of survival if you are aware of your surroundings. Do not get caught by surprise because you may not like it as much as a surprise birthday party.

Block Well And Block Often


I know how you feel, you just want to jump into the action and fire your assorted cannons, lasers and rockets without a care in the world. Well listen up because what I could say may save your life. Block. Every Titan has some form of block or shield and you should use it. Use it while advancing onto the open battlefield, use it while retreating, use it while fighting opposing forces. Your block may not stop all the bullets or last forever but it will stop a notable amount of damage from striking your Titan’s metallic body and that could mean all the difference in the world. A difference that could leave the enemy blowing up in a nuclear explosion instead of you.

Do Not Overreach

Titanfall punch.jpg

I have mentioned this earlier, and I will mention it again because it is important, but even though combat in Titanfall 2 is addictive and it is difficult to hold yourself back sometimes, you would be better off not overreaching your capability in open combat. There is no shame in retreating or slowing down to line up or charge up a shot. But use your abilities and weaponry wisely. It is sometimes more strategic and beneficial to retreat in order to reload than to stand there pummelling the the hostile Titan in the hope that you destroy them. I will be honest it works some of the time and you get some cool executions out of it but it is better to pick your moment and strike hard and true, as opposed to leaving it all up to chance and going absolutely haywire.


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