‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ : The Powerhouses That Are Mudbray And Mudsdale


Mudbray and Mudsdale are two of the new Pokemon that have emerged within Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. They follow a simple formula being representatives of the Donkey and Clydesdale respectively. Being Ground Types they have a fair few weaknesses that can be exploited rather early in the game. However one thing that has greatly interested me is their ability known as Stamina.

This ability causes these tank examples of Pokemon to have a boost to their defence every time they are hit by a successful attack. On the face of it, it doesn’t sound amazing but it is quite cool and very effective in battle. But the main reason for this post was to warn fellow Pokemon Trainers against using sequence based moves such as Double Kick or Fury Swipes against these Pokemon. Unless you are powerful enough to eliminate them in a couple moves, each time the sequence move hits, Stamina will cause their defence to rise. If you get lucky and manage to hit these Pokemon five times, their defence would be five times higher than it normally would be.

This has been a hopefully useful PSA on Mudbray and Mudsdale!

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