‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ : How To Get Magearna The Man-Made Mythic


Magearna is an adorable little Pokemon that was developed many many years before the events of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. However this unique mythical Pokemon will be acquirable rather soon!

Beginning on the 5th of December 2016, a QR code will go live on :


This code will run indefinitely so you have plenty of time to get this code in. Once you activate this code, all you need to do is pick up Magearna from the antique shop that is present in the Hau’oli city shopping mall on Melemele Island.

Getting Your QR Scanner

Getting the QR scanner is not a tough task, so you won’t miss out on getting Magearna or any other Pokemon that arrive via QR code. All you need to do is finish the game…thats it. Finish the main part of the story, overcoming all your Island Challenges and the newly developed Pokemon League and the QR scanner will become accessible on the right page  of the menu screen (ya know the one with your Pokedex and Bag and such). Go to the second page and load it up. Then scan the code.

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