Dishonored 2

Rewiring The Clockwork Soldiers Of ‘Dishonored 2’

Clockwork Soldier Guard.png

Ever since the Clockwork Soldiers have been revealed, players of Dishonored 2 have wanted to destroy them or better yet control and manipulate them to doing the bidding of the good guys. Or at least of the slightly less-bad guys. It is actually not that difficult to rewire one of these machines all you need is a rewire tool and a bit of stealth.

Clockwork Soldier Rewire Panel.png

The panel that needs to be approached in order to rewire these mechanical creatures has eluded a lot of people for some time, but it is simply placed on the left leg when looking directly at it. The way it is oriented means you are able to sneak up to the Clockwork Soldier without being detected by its forward and backward facing eyes. Ensure that you have a rewire tool handy and when you reach almost point blank range, the prompt for the rewire will appear. The Clockwork will then stand up straight and assuming no threats are present at the immediate time, its head will follow you wherever you move.

If there is a threat, the fear that we all felt when facing one of these robotic monstrosities for the first time will now be felt by any and all hostiles you face. The Clockwork Soldiers can also be rewired in open combat, so assuming you dodge its attacks and are not murdered attempting to change its allegiance, you could quickly and effectively change the flow of the fight. This also means that if you are attempting to sneak up on it and are detected, it gives you a few moments to remedy your mistake.

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