‘Scalebound’ : It’s A Game About Dragons. Enough Said.


Scalebound is the next brand new game from Platinum and it is one that is worthwhile to keep an eye on. Finally we are getting a game that does not simply feature Dragons as the enemy or the mindless beast or sidekick, but we are getting a game that revolves around these magnificent mythological creatures.

Set on the planet of Draconis, inhabited by giant monsters, all of which are fatal to our human protagonist Drew, the story of Scalebound follows the link between Drew and Thuban as they delve into the lush jungle of the planet. Side by side, Thuban, with his claws, teeth and impressive steely eyed stare and Drew, armed with his arrows, swords, spears, and crappy headphones will show the planet of Draconis what it means to fear.

Dragon Link


The Dragon Link is a unique ability that comes from the complex bond between Drew and Thuban, and through it allows the former, as well as the players, to see through Thuban’s eyes and maim things as only a Dragon can. Through this mode, control of Thuban will switch to the player and supplied through a first person view allowing you to very much see through a Dragon’s eyes. This provides you with a fixed camera though so can be quite a hamper to combat as you can become stuck in the environment so some strategy and foresight will be needed … but who cares, when you are playing as a motherf**king Dragon.

The cool thing about Dragon Link is that it enables powerful and effective combinations to be undertaken during combat, granting a use of all the skills that both Drew and Thuban possess. Being the heavy hitter, Thuban is able to destroy armour and the chitinous exoskeletons of some of Scalebound‘s enemies, while Drew is able to dart in and hack at the exposed flesh beneath dealing significant damage. In this regard the Dragon Link enables the player to be in two places at once, extending the damage dealt as well as adding a bit of strategy and timing to the mix.

One of the downsides to Dragon Link and the main reason for strategy being needed is the fact that it leaves Drew completely vulnerable to attack from…well anything. If a large leaf fell on him during Dragon Link he would be unable to protect himself. This is why it is better to have Drew placed behind Thuban not allowing access for whatever heavily armoured baddo you are engaging because if either Thuban or Drew dies, the other does too.

As If A Dragon Needed To Be More Powerful…


They have done it. Dragons have been pictured as powerful killing machines for thousands of years in legends and myth. Scalebound has gone and given them armour. Actual wearable armour that will fit in a potential five differing spots, covering up the weak points that cannot be bolstered by simply altering the genetic structure of Thuban.

What is even cooler is that there will be unique sets of armour that can be acquired and bought throughout the game to mix and match according to your wants, needs and desires. Want your scaly death machine to be covered in Samurai armour? Scalebound has got you covered! However since these armour sets are of human make, they do take damage and begin to wear down after a while so repairs will have to be made on a regular basis to ensure you do not destroy them entirely.


Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 11.35.41 pm.png

This is where the real fun begins however as a co-operative Multiplayer mode or series of modes will be released with Scalebound for up to four people, including yourself of course. This may be akin to a raid like feature where a more powerful enemy is eliminated due to teamwork and lets face it sheer brute force and a hell of a lot of teeth.

However at this time, there is no word on whether or not there will be a combat mode consisting of Dragon V Dragon Combat. But I have to say I desperately want there to be because Dragons.

Scalebound is expected to release sometime in 2017 but at this time the exact release date is shrouded in a lot of mystery.


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