‘Destiny’ Subclass Concept : Oceantamer (Warlock)

Primordian Patron.jpg

I thought I would try my hand at crafting my very own subclass. This subclass will be one of the Warlock nature who will transmute the awesome and mysterious power of the very oceans into a pinpoint, lethal force against the Darkness. The Oceantamer understands the value of patience and waiting for the right moment to strike.


First up is the grenades, which as always, come in three different varieties

Landslide Grenade

This grenade alters the way the landscape functions for a short period of time as it unleashes a torrent of water that flows down a short distance away from the direction it was thrown from. The Landslide Grenade deals damage to any that land in its wake and has the added bonus of having a middling speed push effect that can make it harder for enemies to rush you or even to push them right off the map. However this grenade can be jumped out of to avoid.

Geyser Grenade

The Geyser Grenade cracks open the ground, walls or ceiling where it lands and sends out a burst of water every second for about five seconds. The most damage this grenade deals is done from the main stream of water, but once that stream cannot go any higher it begins to curve outward dealing additional minor damage to any enemies caught in the falling droplets.

Downpour Grenade

This grenade unleashes a torrent of water, much like a waterfall for a few seconds, down to the ground. Any Guardians or enemies that are caught in this waterfall will be blinded and unable to fight back for three seconds. It also deals damage in a small radius to any and all enemies that are caught in the downpour. However do not rely on the damage dealing capabilities of this grenade as it is namely for the disorienting effects that it will be most utilised.


The Melee ability of the Oceantamer is known as Aquis Strike which allows the Oceantamer to send out a tentacle of focused and coalesced water towards any opponents in a whiplike fashion. Not only does this deal significant damage, but it also serves to push a singular opponent back allowing more room for a counter attack or enabling your Warlock to retreat. There are three perks that alter the way your melee attack functions and they are;

-Singular Force : Grants increased push back to Aquis Strike.

-Water Damaged : Upon successful hit with Aquis Strike, a small explosion of water occurs at the site of the hit, dealing additional damage to any hostile targets in the area.

-Water Force : Damaging an enemy with Aquis Strike initiates health regeneration


The Oceantamer has the same movement style as every other Warlock, that being the Glide. The simple elegance and floatiness of the Warlock but coupled with the unknowing and unquenchable power of the sea. This particular subclass has three ways that alter movement and they are;

Focused Control : Upgrades Glide for better directional control while in mid-air

Focused Burst : Upgrades Glide to provide an initial burst of speed

Phase : A specialised teleport that dissolves your Guardian and makes them reappear a short distance away in a mini-explosion of liquid that can disorient your opponents



The Super for the Oceantamer is known as Maelstrom Of En and with it this Warlock summons a spinning whirlpool on the spot that deals devastating damage over 2 seconds. It is a stationary Super and the Oceantamer must stop and charge it for a short time by holding its hands above its head as if in exultation. This Super broadens out as the  whirlpool reaches the top of its range, dealing less damage than it would if your target was close to the centre. There are three ways that Maelstrom Of En can be molded to suit your playstyle and they are;

-Storm Control : Instead of letting the whirlpool branch out as it reaches the top of its rotation, it will instead be controlled into a singular pillar that is narrower but can deal more damage and has extended top to bottom range.

-Sudden Onset : Upon activation of Maelstrom Of En, the Warlock gains an additional shield during the charge up time. Even though the charge up time for activation of this Super is not long at all, it now provides bonus protection to your Guardian so your Super will not be shut down before it begins.

-Trio : Summons three smaller Maelstroms that rotate in a circle at the location that they were summoned in. This creates chaos and confusion, and for a few seconds prevents any one from moving through that area unless they are willing to brave the damage dealing Super.


The Perks Of Being An Oceantamer


*Arcane Wisdom : Training focused on battle recovery and speed

*Arcane Spirit : Training focused on battle recovery and toughness

*Arcane Force : Training focused on toughness and speed

*Ancestral Order : Training focused on all attributes

*Chaos Order : Training focused on raw speed

*Divine Order : Training focused on toughness at all costs


*Sea Vitality : Any damage dealt by Maelstrom Of En, is returned to the Oceantamer as health when the Super ends. If health is full, an overshield is applied.

*Drain : Grenade recharge is extended by half of the total time needed, but doubles the range of Aquis Strike.

*Waterlogged : All Grenades apply a slowing effect on hit that lasts for three seconds. that prevents double jumping and running.

*Remnant : Killing an enemy with an ability summons a small geyser of water to the spot of the death that deals damage in the immediate area for a small amount of time.

*Needle And Thread : Aquis Strike deals additional damage when aimed at a precision hit point such as the head.

*Finite Possibility : Maelstrom Of En’s whirlpools extend in duration for a total of 10 seconds. In return their damage is halved.

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