‘Scalebound’ : How To DNA Modify Your Dragon With Newgenics


Scalebound is really hitting all the bases when it comes to a great game. First they have Dragons and now Newgenics. Newgenics is essentially a process that will improve and alter Thuban through specialised DNA modification.

This modification will come through designated shrines around the monster-infested planet where you can spend gems on altering the genetic makeup of Thuban. These gems can be acquired through pretty much all combat, as Drew and Thuban battle their way across the world of Draconis.

So far only three differing Dragon types have been revealed, with hopefully more to come once we begin to see some DLC. I’m honestly hoping for a water based Dragon but I will try not to get too ahead of myself.



The standard Dragon type, the Rex is an all rounder creature that is based on the Tyrannosaurus. Ferocious and vicious, the Rex will most likely be the easiest Dragon to control in Scalebound and will form the basic design of the early game. It will also most likely be able to take to the skies as well as power through on the land, due to its role as the starting Dragon.



Despite the lack of clear picture, the Wyvern is an armless dragon that takes to the skies to eliminate its foes. The utilisation of wings means this Dragon will have a faster mobility and be more agile than either of its counterpart scaly lizards. Coupling with this, the full Wyvern may see a lack of high health due to its ability to dodge rather easily.



Unrelenting, rhino-like and ferocious. The Brute is the tank of the Scalebound Dragon spectrum, capable of dishing out heavy damage without too much difficulty. It cannot fly but it can charge across the landscape with little difficulty, presumably destroying everything it comes into contact with. Based on the Brute design, it would most likely have high health and high damage, which I am excited for. But on the flip side it would probably have a decreased mobility and will lumber around the maps kind of slowly.


However the Newgenics system is not a be-all-end-all tradeoff, where you put your gems towards acquiring the Dragon you want and thats it. Instead it operates on a sliding scale where you can customise the things you want your Dragon to have. Maybe you want a Wyvern type Dragon with tougher armour so it can absorb more punishment, that is entirely possible, the only drawback being that some of the Wyvern’s speed will be sacrificed to compensate. Maybe a Brute Dragon with a little extra speed or a Rex with wings and heavy armour. It can all be accomplished with Newgenics.

This, of course, introduces a huge amount of variety into the game and makes the player want to try new combos and strategies to get the very best out of each and every Dragon typing that will be found.

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