Titanfall 2

Heaven Really Has Come With ‘Titanfall 2’s’ DLC : Angel City’s Most Wanted

Titanfall Angel City Map.jpg

Respawn has released the first DLC for Titanfall 2 and it is absolutely jam packed with content. Not to mention that they have released it for free which is a god send (lets see how many heaven related jokes I can make in this post).

Angel City Is Back!

That’s right. The namesake of this DLC is one of the most popular maps of the first Titanfall with plenty of high rooftops and multiple ingress points and ways around the map. Angel City is a Titanfall map that is preceded by the heavenly choir and the beams of light.

Titanfall Store

Prime Store.png

Not everything in the Angel City DLC is free however. A new store has been released that is accessible through the multiplayer screen where cosmetic and vanity items are sold for a relatively cheap price. This new development understandably worried players of this game as it appeared that microtransactions were entering the fold. However Respawn has stated and indeed a cursory look inside the store will confirm, that the items sold for real money have no bearing on the combat functionalities of Pilots or Titans. Plus these little purchases will most likely pave the way for more free DLC in the future of Titanfall 2.

In regards to what you can purchase have a look below;

Prime Titans
The Prime Titan gear sets are cheap little bundles of joy that as the image above shows, grants you a new and improved exclusive chassis, new sounds when it is in action as well as a new execution.You can purchase this for as many or as little Titans as you wish, but at the moment your purchases are restricted to the Scorch and Ion Titans, with the other four to come soon (hopefully the Ronin will arrive soon).

Titan Art Packs
The Titan Art Packs are all about that style. Because you don’t just want the most powerful death mech, you want the most stylish death mech. Much like the Prime Titan Packs, there is one Art Pack for each of the Titans and it provides you with five new nose arts as well as an exclusive warpaint skin, which sounds intimidating.

Callsign Pack
The Callsign Pack grants instant access to 20 new and exclusive Banners as well as 10 new Callsign Patches. And these new Banners and Patches look wonderful. There is a shark guys and gals. A shark.

Camo Pack
Last but not least there is the Camo Pack, which grants access to a series of 20 new camo designs that once purchased can be applied to everything within the Titanfall universe. This goes for weapons (both Pilot and Titan), Armour and assorted Skins.

New Weapon And Execution


Along with the new store and assorted other goodies, we have also been given two new additions to our array of killing…items. The first is the Wingman Elite which is a modified version of the Wingman pistol from the first Titanfall.

There is also a new execution known as the Inner Pieces execution (not exactly hard to figure this one out). Inner Pieces takes advantage of Phase Dash and phases into an enemy and rips them apart from the inside. How cool…I mean awful is that!

Titan Kits


Titan Kits are little add-ons that are unlocked as you progress in level and can be purchased early for a small amount of credits. The new DLC has given us a new Titan kit for each of our lovely mechanised robo-friends.

This Titan has Scorched Earth. which ignites the ground when Flame Core is active. This leaves explosive Thermite in its wake, dealing additional damage over time. I mean everything is on fire.

The evasive Ronin now has access to Phase Reflex, which allows it to teleport away to a safe location when it becomes doomed. This can allow for quick dismounts and allow your Pilot to escape the carnage of the battlefield in a relatively single piece.

Threat Optics is the name of the game for the Northstar. This little piece of kit provides a little highlighting effect revealing all enemies when zoomed in. Absolutely perfect for this Juggernaut sniper Titan.

Legion has been granted a piece of gear known as Hidden Compartment which grants an additional charge to Power Shot.

This Titan now has the ability to store shots with the Burst Loader. While Tone is aiming, the 40mm Cannon is now able to store up to 3 shots in order for them to burst fire when the trigger is released. High damage as well as a shock to your enemies.

Ion is now able to utilise Refraction Lens which splits the Splitter Rifle into 5 separate shots, effectively almost doubling the ground it could cover before the utilisation of this kit.

These new additions to the Titan kit can be acquired once you reach level nine with a given Titan. If you do not wish to wait however you can simply spend some credits to unlock it early. They are only 24 credits after all.

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