‘Pokemon Sun’ And ‘Pokemon Moon’ Has Gone Worldwide With A Global Link Mission

Global Link Symbol.jpg

Today marks the arrival of the first Global Link mission in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, that draws in Trainers all over the world with a single purpose. This purpose is to catch a combined 100,000,000 Pokemon by midnight on the 12th of December 2016. You must first be issued a Game Sync ID which is simply done by heading into the castle at Festival Plaza and activating the PC on the right hand side.

Once you check the Game Sync ID, it should be available on the top of the screen while the PC is turned on. You must then travel to the Pokemon website,


This will allow you to register your game to the greater Pokemon community.


However to link up your copy of Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon you must first be signed up with a Pokemon Trainer account. Once you complete all the steps and sign in, you should be directed to a page that will allow you to enter your Game Sync ID. Continue with what the website tells you and if you did it successfully , your game shall be registered and any progress made within your game will carry over to the cumulative goal.


If worldwide Pokemon Trainers combine our efforts we will be rewarded with up to 2000 Festival Coins each! However if we don’t manage to hit that number, we will all be granted 100 Festival Coins just for participating. Get out there and catch those Pokemon!

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