The Legend Lives On : The Iron Lords (Part One)

Iron Temple.jpg

If you have played through the Rise of Iron story, you will have learned of the terrible fate that befell the Iron Lords leaving only two, Efrideet and Saladin, to wait for the SIVA virus to once again surface and terrorise the world. But what were the Iron Lords like – at least those known closely by Saladin.

The first thing to note is that there weren’t just a few Iron Lords, in fact there were hundreds upon hundreds of them, all gifted with the Traveler’s Light and cast into a post-apocalyptic world. So disorienting was this new process and as is the nature of power, many of the new Risen, became warlords, dominating over the Earth, mad with power.

However soon there became a band of Risen that became known as the Iron Lords, or the Iron Wolves. These were the first and for the most part, these were the only ones that made it to the final chamber in the battle against SIVA.

Lord Felwinter

Lord Felwinter.jpg

As was the case with many of the Iron Lords, Felwinter began his life as a Warlord, a petty Risen with too much power and a lack of understanding of what had happened to him. Eventually a small coalition of Guardians, known only as the Iron Lords came into his territory to challenge him and force him to broker a peace contract with them in order to unite them all under one singular banner. Not wanting to lose his power and ultimately paranoid that he would lose his territory regardless of his choice, he chose to stand with the Iron Lords and watch as they changed the world and sculpted it to their will. Felwinter, was a Warlock and a master Voidwalker at that, and he was vicious and merciless to opposing Warlords not allowing them a single second chance.

Citan the Warlord of the 32nd Quadrant of Old Russia, found that out the hard way when he denied Felwinter’s offer. We learn that Felwinter had simply chosen the winning side, “Radegast is scattered. Perun is indecisive. Silimar wants to build a tower and hide. But they’re going to change the world; no one can stop them”. Felwinter wanted peace as much as any of them and he showed it through a merciless approach to any that stood in the way of his desire…as Citan discovered. Left with a defiant warlord, Felwinter utilised the power of the Void to snap Citan’s neck. As Citan returned with help from his Ghost, Felwinter was ready with his shotgun. One shot for Citan and the other for his Ghost.

Lord Radegast

Lord Radegast.jpg

Radegast was a powerful Titan and one of the first Guardians to assemble into the Iron Lord team that we know today. Originally comprised of himself, Perun, Saladin and Jolder, these four powerful Light bearers operated in secret, hiding from the world in perpetual fear that some other Light Bearer would rise against them and eliminate them. So they began to branch out into the old quadrants of Old Russia and beyond, where Light hungry warlords had risen and had dominated the landscape with fear and desperation.

After a particularly brutal battle in Old Russia against a coalition of fierce warlords, Radegast stood over the bodies of the five dead leaders and proclaimed with a weary sigh, that there must be more than this. Radegast called for a joining of their forces, a show of strength. They were not going to hide anymore. He called upon each of his companions to name someone that they could trust to join them in his fight against the oppressors. Colovance and Deidris were named. Thus the Iron Lords were born and these great warriors of the Light eventually cast down the warlords and brought a tenuous peace to Earth. For a time that is.

Lord Silimar

Lord Silimar.jpg

Lord Silimar was one of the OG Iron Lords and one of the first Titans ever to be fascinated with defensible structures, walls and other such things. He, like his companion Iron Lords, roamed, eliminating those entities that utilised the Traveler’s gift for subjugation and oppression rather than nurturing and protection. He was most noted for his stubborn hard headedness with regards to his buildable structures. He would protect them until he died, even if it was not remotely defensible.

During a violent attack by Fallen crews, Lord Silimar was seen defending a structure that had already been felled. Saladin enquired about this odd behaviour and his refusal to let his structures be knocked down. Silimar had this to say, “Because one time they won’t be able to…And when that day comes, when this perfect indestructible structure stays standing, then we’ll know”. Once they cannot knock down what Silimar had built, it would be safe to build their city to the sky. So Lord Silimar kept building and rebuilding and one day it was safe enough, and the Iron Temple atop Felwinter Peak rose to touch the heavens.

Lady Skorri

Lady Skorri.jpg

Lady Skorri was a Warlock and a Sunsinger Warlock at that. She was one of the few Iron Lords who met their end by SIVA in the Replication Chamber on Earth. While being incredibly powerful and devoted to the Iron Lords, her true calling was writing songs, specifically odes and memorials to the Iron Lords that fell in battle, to lie in the dust, cold and Ghost-less.

Skorri’s masterpiece was the Iron Song, a verse designed to commemorate her closest allies and friends. Such a time consuming project was this, that time usually utilised for battle preparation was given to word-crafting. Eventually the Iron Song was completed, even though it caused her much frustration due to her companions unpoetic-like names. Looking at you Gheleon.

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