Mass Effect Andromeda

Set Course For Andromeda : A New Gameplay Trailer For ‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ Revealed


Mass Effect Andromeda. Easily one of the hypest games that has ever hyped. And it is no surprise why, with a new gameplay trailer of Andromeda showcasing some cool new features and characters that will hopefully make us forget that terrible ending the original ME trilogy. Plus I am still upset for losing Mordin. But enough on that, lets travel to Andromeda.



In case you were not aware the main protagonist of Mass Effect Andromeda is known as Ryder, specifically Scott or Sarah Ryder depending if you choose a male or female character. The role of the Pathfinder is to explore new worlds for colonisation by the Milky Way species as well as fighting whatever god-forsaken entities end up being present on those worlds.They are sheparding the way for a new life (hehehehehe).

But the Pathfinder will not be alone, bringing with them a spree of returning species that would look familiar if you are a veteran of the previous Mass Effect games. This namely comes in the form of Salarians, Krogans (left above) and Turians (middle above). We will most likely also see some Quarians and Asari as well due to the former having a massive space fleet and the latter cropping up everywhere…literally everywhere. But I could be wrong.

Larger Galaxy

MEA:Planet View.png

I’ll tell you one thing, the Andromeda Galaxy and indeed the game itself is not going to be a small one. The gameplay trailer stated that there are more planets, each with their own unique cultures and affiliations and the planets are largely more explorable. That means that each of the planets you visit will offer more in terms of wonderment and excitement as you discover hidden nooks and crannies while you roam around on foot or while in the Nomad.


The Nomad is a six wheel drive ATV that you can utilise in the wildnerness’ of each planet. Aside from being faster than walking, this little vehicle (it is probably rather large let’s be real) will protect you from planetary hazards such as poison gas, acid and hell itself. On top of this it can also scan for resources so it adds more variation and interesting-ness to the hunt for materials than the previous planetary scan system did.

We Come In Peace? Or Maybe Not?


Each of the planets you visit will have their own cultures and way of life, as I stated above. However you can add to this by becoming allies or enemies with the inhabitants of each little world, through a new reputation system I am assuming is based on the old Renegade/Paragon system. Say the right thing and you will be fine. If not…well you have a gun.

While on these planets you will also get to meet with some of the locals, who are terrifying to say the least. In fact you can view the wildlife getting the better of the Pathfinder and her team with some wicked executions. They are big, angry and did I mention big?

Definitely Out Of The Stone Age


It just wouldn’t be a Mass Effect game without futuristic combat. And this gameplay trailer did not disappoint, showering us with new advanced weaponry as well as powerful combat abilities. From the above Energy Shield, to deployable cover, to a kind of Phase Dash and even a Energy Based nosedive that can be used for combat as well as a rapid direction change, this trailer showcased to us that the next instalment is not going to disappoint.


Not only that but the HUD itself and the associated combat items and the like have a cleaner feel. It makes the screen feel less cluttered and brighter which will allow the player to soak in much of Andromeda’s terrible beauty. As you can see above, every ability is clearly seen, health and shield take pride of place directly in the middle and even the targeting system idling on that unfortunate Sharpshooter is lit up clear as day.

In this regard, it makes it easier for the player to take in every little detail without too much difficulty.


There is even a scanning system in place, for you to hunt for clues that will crop up during the bounties and quests you take on. It may also allow you to learn more about certain objects, alien species or items around the planets while exploring. You know what that means guys and gals – Lore Hunting!

This first gameplay trailer of Mass Effect Andromeda has got me so hyped up you don’t even understand. It is going to be hard to wait until Spring 2017 to finally get my hands on it and I bet that goes for a lot of you. In the meantime, ensure that you tune in for the latest updates on the journey that is Mass Effect Andromeda, as well as signing up to the Andromeda Initiative…I mean its like a secret cadet program and you can get exclusive in-game items.

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