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The Importance Of Loadouts In Games Like ‘Titanfall 2’

Titanfall 2 Loadout.jpg

In an age where many video games pit you in situations where you are stuck with default weaponry or one single interchangeable set of weapons, it can be be very difficult to see the benefits of loadouts in any game. However in a multiplayer setting like that of Titanfall 2 and even Call of Duty (haven’t played one of those for a long time) the loadouts and the benefits that they confer can quite literally change the state of the game.

What Are Loadouts?

For veterans of multiplayer games of the same variety as those I am talking about, this may see like a redundant question. However, I digress. A loadout is a pre-determined and pre-selected set of weaponry, tactical gear and other assorted knick knacks that can be quickly chosen in battle. So you could create a loadout designed entirely around close quarters combat, or faraway combat. It essentially provides more variation and gives the player more choice.

Tactical Variation


There is nothing worse than entering into a match, getting all syked up and running right out there only to realise that the weapon you have equipped is not the best tool for the job at hand or the map you are playing on.

If you did not have another loadout of differing weapons or abilities waiting in the wings, it is going to be quite an interesting match for you. But look at the bright side, it may encourage you to change up your playstyle.

For example if you are utilising a sniper rifle as a primary and the map is more close quarters combat oriented then switching to a shotgun or assault rifle loadout may save your life … and your K/D (not that it means anything anyways – YEAH I SAID IT). So ensure that you have at least two loadouts that differ from each other just so you have all bases covered. Of course you cannot instantly switch a loadout in heated combat but on your next respawn you are ready to tear it up.

Creativity…Or A Challenge

Sometimes multiplayer play can get dull. Maybe a little repetitive? Loadouts give you a chance to try out new combinations in different situations to develop new skill with a given weapon or maybe to just mess around with yourself and the other players.

Taking an example from Titanfall 2, you could utilise the Cloaking Tactical along with a shotgun or go close range and use a sniper rifle with the Energy Shield. Just play your way through the entirety of the match with constant switches and have a bit of fun. Try your hand at Grappling Hook..ing then shotgunning when you get close.

But if something does not work out as well as you thought it would, you can just switch it back to what you are comfortable using. Easy peasy.

Practice Or Get Rekd

Why Loadouts are important.jpg

Yeah I said ‘Rekd’! Or wrote it. Either way, having a spree of available loadouts means you can practice with a given weapon in order to develop your technique and skill but if worst happens and you suck, you can switch back to something you are semi-decent at using.

I attempted to utilise a sniper on the go, trying to quick scope any opposing Pilots but it did not end well at all. So thank god for loadout changes or I would have gotten quite annoyed. I mean more annoyed than usual.

Short answer is, if you play a game that utilises loadouts, take a few moments to at least build up a couple because it will make the whole experience a lot better in the long run.

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