‘The Dawning’ Event Has Brought A New Day To ‘Destiny’


So keeping with their promise to deliver new content on a consistent basis, Bungie has just announced a new event arriving to the Tower of Destiny known simply as ‘The Dawning’. This massive, mostly free event is Christmas themed and combines a few things new and old, for Guardians to get festive about.

Sparrow Racing League Has Returned


Yes you heard right, the long awaited SRL has returned, with a few nice little improvements for us to get excited for. First off, we have got a spree of new racing tracks to zip around on our Sparrows. These tracks appear to be of a much larger scale and there is way more variety this time around. No recycling the same two tracks like the first SRL did. Hopefully we will also get those old tracks back into the rotation though, the larger the pool of available racing tracks, the more fun SRL will be.

Of course with Sparrow Racing, we must also have new and improved Sparrows, with cool new designs that will feature images from The Dawning and its assorted meanings. And of course we have gained back the use of our ‘cool’ racing gear that will confer useful perks and abilities during the races.

Nothing At All.gif

Ooops. Wrong photo.


The Vanguard Has Upped The Stakes (Or Strikes)


With the arrival of ‘The Dawning’ the Vanguard and Amanda Holliday will have new quests for us to complete during this event. Holliday will obviously have quests relating to the SRL event while the Vanguard will provide us with quests that will most likely direct us to the Strike playlists.

Why is that? Well Strike scoring is coming to Destiny, as you can see from the lower right of the above photo. Strikes are getting a little boost and have introduced a little Crucible cheer for those PVE players. Points are awarded based on the type of enemy killed, large numbers of enemies killed in one go, precision kills and many others. This also ties in with the fact that Strikes have been given Vanguard medals that you can collect through this event.

The purpose of this Strike scoring has not been revealed but if I had to hazard a guess, we may be getting a new challenge similar to the Challenge of the Elders. But like Challenge of the Vanguard. With this we would be required to earn a certain amount of points to reach new reward tiers, by playing Strikes. If this is the case I am quite excited.

Christmas Has Come Early With New Exotics


Year One players will definitely recognise the above weapon and may have screamed with joy at just seeing it. The Icebreaker, an exotic sniper rifle with the ability to regenerate ammo seems to be returning to Destiny and will most likely stay permanently. On top of that it seems to have exotic weapon ornaments which is amazing because I for one did not like the paintjob of the original (sacrilege I know). However the cold truth is that we may see some changes to the functionality of this exotic due to how powerful it truly was. There was a reason it was left behind and we may be seeing a weaker version returning. Hopefully not though.

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 1.37.49 pm.png

That is not all however, we are also seeing the arrival of the alternative elemental Thunderlords. This exotic machine gun with the coiling arcs of electricity has been in the arsenal of the Tower for many years but now it has siblings. The Void Thunderlord and the Solar Thunderlord are arriving during ‘The Dawning’ event and will most likely remain for a while after that. However it is not known if they will have the same perks as Thunderlord or whether they will be slightly different.


On top of this the new ornaments for Red Death appear to be arriving. The above image was discovered a little while ago and in the new trailer for ‘The Dawning’, there is an image that is difficult to fully see but could very well be Red Death’s ornament in action.


While it is only from the back of the weapon, is is quite obvious that this pulse rifle is Red Death based on the active perk on the left of the screen. On top of this the weapon is white. The ornament for Red Death is coming. However much like Bad Juju, this ornament is most likely going to be locked behind a paywall…at least for a time. However Red Death is not the only exotic gaining an upgrade – exotic ornaments for The Last Word, Black Spindle and Thorn are arriving soon.

Armour Sets


If you can possibly distance yourself from the amazing sets of armour that SRL will provide, this new event is giving players and Guardians amazing new sets of armour that can and should be collected. Whether they are gained from the quests or as random drops during the event is not known but even if I have to pay (hopefully not) I really want the above set.


‘The Dawning’ is going to be active from December 13th all the way to January 3rd, which gives Guardians a solid 3 weeks of excitement and time to get all that cool new gear. You must own Rise of Iron to participate however. This is going to be a great event Guardians.

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