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‘Destiny’ Subclass Concept : Thorndarter (Hunter)


I really liked my Warlock concept for a new subclass so I thought that I would try my hand at a Hunter one as well.

The Thorndarter uses the foliage to its advantage, leaping and running through the wildnerness with so much grace that it appears like it is dancing. Unrelenting and merciless, the Thorndarter is able to strike down its foes with unmatched skill and ferocity but in such a way that the surrounding landscape is completely unmarred.


Lets start with the Grenades of which there are three, as per usual.

Ensnare Grenade
This grenade sees a holographic trap laid down onto the ground in any location. The Ensnare Grenade, when triggered traps the hostile Guardian with an assortment of vines that snake around the feet of the Guardian. This in turn renders them incapable of moving for three seconds. The Ensnare Grenade can be left on the field permanently so can be quite useful as a trap. However the downside to this is that you cannot place another one until the one in play is activated. Although you can activate the grenade skill again which will un-make the placed trap.

Camo Grenade
This grenade operates in a similar capacity to the Invisibility Grenade utilised by the Nightstalkers. This grenade erects a shimmering wall that can be hidden behind to get the drop on someone. It has the same light effect as an invisible Guardian but remains in a single place. Used strategically it can be quite useful, however you can still be shot through the wall making your usage of it even more strategic.

Whirlwind Grenade
This grenade deals damage on the spot by summoning a spinning vortex of leaves that rapidly rotates in a single spot dealing damage to any and all who enter into its radius. This grenade can only be activated once it hits the ground and will not do anything if thrown onto a wall or the ceiling. It will spin for approx. four seconds before disappearing and it can be avoided by jumping over or out of it.


The Melee ability of the Thorndarter is known simply as Quickjab. The Thorndarter pulls out a spear that is attached to the side of his body and stabs it out in the direction in front of him. This grants the Thorndarter increased melee range and also has the added effect of boosting speed and agility for a short time after a successful hit. This can allow you to retreat rapidly or make yourself harder to hit while you close in on the kill. There are three ways that the melee ability can be altered and they are;

-Forest Blessing : Successful Quickjab hits causes the Thorndarter to become briefly invisible for 2-3 seconds.

-Nomad’s Curse : If you score a kill with Quickjab, the Thorndarter’s movement speed is halved but damage from all sources is increased by a third for a short time.

-Grass Storm : Creates a weaker version of the Whirlwind Grenade at the site of the Quickjab hit that lasts for three seconds.


Keeping with the similar stop-start motion of the Hunter, the movement style of the Thorndarter is a basic series of jumps that can be modified in the following ways;

-Blink : A short distance teleport that replaces the double jump.

-Double Jump : A high reaching double jump, has limited control for precise movements.

-Triple Jump : Grants the Thorndarter an additional jump but does not reach the heights of the Double Jump. Has more control.


Bones Of The Earth.jpg

The Super of the agile and stealthy Thorndarter is known as Bones of the Earth. It comprises the Thorndarter striking its spear deep into the ground which sends a series of coiling and rolling roots in the direction that your Guardian was facing. Has quite a long range and eliminates any and all hostiles that come into contact with the roots. It has several ways to be modified and they are;

-No Secrets : The tendrils can travel through walls and deal surprise damage to opposing forces from the other side of a wall or barricade but the drawback to this is that Bones of the Earth suffers from severely decreased range.

-Leaf Cover : Removes the ability of the Bones of the Earth roots to travel forward, instead sending the spiralling coils to wrap repeatedly around the Thorndarter’s location. Grants massive damage reduction during this. Can be activated faster than the original Bones of the Earth.

No Scrub : This Super becomes more defensive than offensive by turning into a personal shield-dome of brambles and roots. There are slight gaps in and around the dome allowing shots to be fired out of and fired into. However while the dome is active, damage reduction is in effect as well as health regeneration becoming boosted.

The Perks Of Being A Thorndarter


-Path Forgotten : Training focused on toughness and speed

-Path Forbidden : Training focused on battle recovery and speed

-Path Unknown : Training focused on battle recovery and toughness

-Way of the Drifter : Training focused on all attributes

-Way of the Fearless : Training focused on toughness at all costs

-Way of the Nomad : Training focused on maximum battle recovery



The Hunter : Enables the Thorndarter to utilise two melee abilities at the cost of losing access to your grenades.

Vitality : Scoring a kill with Quickjab fully recharges your grenade.

Eagle Eye : Grenades can be thrown with more accuracy by way of a targeting reticle.

Wraith of the Forest : Scoring kills with Bones of the Earth causes your Thorndarter to disappear in a puff of brown leaves. Applies invisibility for 3 seconds.

Untouched : Killing someone or something without taking any damage increases slide length and jump height for a short time.

Seeking Tendrils : The roots of Bones of the Earth gain a slight tracking effect for its entire duration. Tracking is not aggressive however.


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