Mutant Duck Invasion Will Be Ducking Into App Stores And Our Hearts Soon

Mutant Duck Invasion.jpg

Mutant Duck Invasion is the latest creation of the indie game company, Primordial Echo Pty Ltd and is a sweet little game where we find animated ducks floating through the sky…then proceed to blast them down with powerful cannons.

The premise of this new game is a simple one, mutant ducks are invading the Earth and you must defend it through the power of your strongest tapping finger and some admittedly cool tricks that you have in your arsenal.

The purpose of this arcade style game is to defend your city from a horde of relentless mutant ducks, that each have their own unique powers and abilities. This defence is aided with the power of your strongest tapping finger and soem admittedly cool tricks that you have in your arsenal. If too many mutant ducks reach the base of your city then the invasion is complete and sadly it is game over.

You fight off the invasion with the assistance of two ground-mounted firework cannons that can blast an array of upgradeable fireworks to initiate an assortment of hilarious chain-explosions. These fireworks can be upgraded throughout the progress of the game, which imbues your ammunition with the ability to burn, freeze, stick and explode the ducks. That isn’t all –  the unnatural elements that the mutant ducks are imbued with adds to the chaos. Any ducks that are close enough to their unfortunate allies will be electrocuted, ignited, dissolved, exploded or even shot. This will allow you to get some crazy and hilarious combinations as you defend the Earth.

At certain wave benchmarks, larger and much more powerful mutant ducks will arrive on the scene, leading to interesting boss battles that showcase special abilities of their own. And I would hate to spoil the beans that Primordial Echo has spent so long cultivating, but once you reach a certain wave, you gain access to a special prototype weapon that will absolutely devastate your foes.

Mutant Duck Invasion will waddle its way into the Googleplay and iTunes stores sometime in early February 2017. If you wish to learn more about this great new game, check out their official Twitter,

Those mutant ducks have no chance. 

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