The Dawning : Icebreaker, Nova Mortis And Abbadon

If you have even been semi-aware about the new Destiny event, entitled, ‘The Dawning’, you will have heard about the spree of exotic weapons and weapon ornaments that are coming along with it. We are gaining back an old favourite, Icebreaker, as well as the elemental Thunderlord variants. Lets take a look at them shall we?



Abbadon, named after an angel in assorted religious texts is the solar equivalent of Thunderlord,and shows that constantly with flames that lick out of the sides. This weapon is able to light enemies on fire after sustained bullet contact, which to be fair will only be useful against the higher level enemies. Either way this is a great sounding weapon.

Nova Mortis


Nova Mortis, the Voidlord loosely deriving its name from the death of a stars sudden brightness harnesses the power of the void to eliminate its foes. With the power of its negative rounds, prolonged contact with this weapon and its negative rounds will cause any high level enemy to be slowed for a limited time, which in my eyes appears to of a greater use than Abbadon. Plus it is purple and purple is a dope colour.

ElementLord Exotic Quests


It has been known for a little while now that the above Abbadon and Nova would be acquirable from specialised exotic quests and not simply as a random drop. However there is not any confirmed information on how these quests would be initiated as well as being completed.

My top theory is that two of the new remastered Strikes are going to come into play, at least partially during these quests. Sekrion, Nexus Mind, the bullet-grindy battle deep within the confines of Venus, is now getting a Taken variation. The Taken are able to instantly transport across the confines of deep space and act as a kind of antimatter. They have a definite Void feel. Coupled with the new flavour text of the Nova Mortis it definitely feels like there is a connection, “From the space between I come. Fragments of stars burn in my footsteps . In my hands I hold death”. If you had read the Books of Sorrow at all you would have learned about the myriad of planets and civilisations that Oryx and his siblings had destroyed in order to satiate their need for death.

Moving onto the Abbadon which I believe will be accessible through the Taniks Perfected Strike that showcases how our favourite Fallen Bounty Hunter has become one with SIVA. The flavour text of the Abbadon is, “I am one with the flame. The conflagration reborn. I am your funeral pyre”, which sparks my curiosity for two reasons. The first being the fact that the text states “I am one with the flame”, which seems to fit in my mind as SIVA binds strongly with its host. Coupled with the fact that the word ‘reborn’ is present. It is not the exact wording of SIVA but it bears some connection to ‘resemblance’ and ‘replicate’.

However one more theory is that the SRL book will somehow lead to the exotic quests for these two exotic heavy weapons. Within the Competitive Spirit book there is a page about SRL and a page about the Vanguard. It could be that a quest is prompted after you complete a certain number of challenges or even after completing specific challenges. Looking at you Bounty Hunter and Champion of the Night.



Now we move onto everyone’s favourite Year One exotic – the Icebreaker. Based on released gameplay footage, this sniper rifle appears to be untouched for the most part, with its regenerating ammunition (like Invective) and exploding targets. It will once again return to dominate the Crucible and PVE alike.

It is known that the Icebreaker has a chance to drop from a new Nightfall Bounty that will be given by Commander Zavala. This bounty will most likely be in tandem with the Nightfall Strike itself as well as the Weekly Nightfall Bounty given by Lord Shaxx. It is not known, however, what the new bounty will consist of. Perhaps it will be a rotating set of challenges that will cover the Strike portion of the game. Maybe it will play in with the new Strike Scoring and require you to earn a certain number of medals or a certain score. Just remember that Icebreaker is not a guaranteed drop but it will probably have a reasonably high drop rate so that all Guardians can add it to their arsenal.

‘The Dawning’ is only four days away Guardians. Get excited and Happy Dawning.

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