Sea Of Thieves

‘Sea Of Thieves’ Treasure Hunting : There Is Gold At The End Of The Rainbow…If You Can Find It


Sea of Thieves is a game about pirates. A rather stunning game about pirates and of course that comes with treasure hunting and riches. If you spend some time with it, you and your crew can sail away quite rich.


Treasure hunting seems like an easy endeavour prima facie – follow a map and dig it up and it is yours. However, nothing like that is so easy. First, you must acquire a treasure map, of which there is an assortment, ranging from simple ‘X’ marks the spot maps to ones that have numerous puzzles and codes to solve (I mean I’m assuming on this one). This prompts a little treasure quest and sets you and your crew off on an adventure.

Although, the scanty little map that you acquire and carry around with you will not be of incredible use when attempting to find the island in question. In this regard, you can utilise the map table found within the bowels of your ship which will showcase the available islands in the area that have been discovered, and you can begin to compare them to your map to plot a course. This will be a lot of fun because you will have to sleuth the right island out and if you get the wrong island, you can simply explore that one…who knows what you will find. More treasure hopefully.


There is no simple direction or objective marker that pops up in the vast open world, instead, you must navigate, cartograph and compass your way through the sea, looking for the island you seek. With only the size, shape and landmarks of the island to help guide you, hunting for treasure becomes a true adventure and will most likely become quite frustrating at times when your time investment does not yield reward right away. But this is all part of the fun.


Although once you have navigated the high seas and discovered the metaphorical ‘X’, you must then guard your treasure with your lives if need be. Rival pirate crews may be skulking about, waiting and watching to take your ill-gotten gains by ill means.

Even when you are finally on board your ship, numerous threats to your payday still abound. Stealthy pirates may attempt to sneak aboard and run off with your treasure chest so ensure that you hide it somewhere clever – you are, of course, able to place your treasure chest anywhere you like within your ship. Sometimes the best locations are in plain sight.


Compounding on this is the threat of a hostile ship attacking you and attempting to send you down to Davy Jones. Take the fight to them or simply run away and hope that you make it to an outpost in time. If you run, I wish you luck..but if you fight you may discover all the treasure that they are holding and sail away with more than you could bargain for.

Funnily enough, that will not always work out so well.


Once the captain permits you to leave the Ferry of the Damned, you can be on your pirate-y way and rush to an outpost to sell your treasure to the shipwright for cold, hard cash. Remember to always deposit your treasure as quick as you can fellow pirates.

Treasure hunting in Sea of Thieves seems like it will be a great adventure with no two treasure quests being similar. Whether you make it through unscathed or enjoy multiple talks with the Ferry captain, you will truly have to be the most feared pirate to strike it rich in Sea of Thieves.

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