Mass Effect Andromeda

Get On Board With ‘Andromeda’s Nexus


The second round of training for the Mass Effect Andromeda Andromeda Initiative has come around, showcasing the Nexus, the central command hub that we will get to accommodate and explore in the next instalment of Mass Effect. The Nexus is similar to the Citadel, albeit smaller in size and not fully functional at the moment but if everything is on schedule a temporary home in Andromeda will be found within the Nexus.

The Nexus


Like it has been stated above, the Nexus will be a large scale space station that will house humanity and all the other alien species that are being transported on the Arks. During the 2.5 million lightyear journey from the Milky Way galaxy to the Andromeda galaxy, any organic life will be placed within cryo stasis, made possible by the mass effect fields, with the Arks and the Nexus being piloted by AI for the most part.

One of the most revolutionary features about these massive ships is that they will be utilising the ODSY Drive System which converts any static energy into power for the primary systems. On top of this, any excess Hydrogen surrounding them will be collected and converted to fuel. Despite already being huge, the Nexus will be fully built when all the ships have rendezvoused in the Helios Cluster of Andromeda.


This will effectively double the storage and functionality of the Nexus, with additional power being generated by the Arks. As massive as this station is, hopefully we will be allowed to explore it all during the course of Mass Effect Andromeda.

Within this stage of our Andromeda Initiative training, we are told that the Nexus will serve as a temporary home for humanity and the other races. This could be the hype and excitement talking but we may be allowed to choose a planet as a Pathfinder, to act as our base of operations. Maybe the scenery is quite gorgeous so we would have a good view as we resource hunt and kill all the assorted beasties we come across. Although admittedly, the announcement that it would serve as a temporary home could be for the new colonists and not the Pathfinders themselves.

Nexus Facilities


Being a temporary home, the Nexus has a few vices that will be accessible to players for enjoyment and undoubtedly a few quests and missions. Although it is highly doubtful that the Andromeda Initiative has shown us everything that the Nexus will have to offer, given its size.


The Operations Centre is the central command hub of the Nexus and every single colonisation effort that is undertaken in Andromeda. It will most likely have all the stats and information about your efforts on the planets you discover, along with how many colonists are attempting to gain clearance to live there. It also houses Pathfinder HQ which will be the basis of your quests and missions (at least at the start).


The residential quarters. A must have for any attempt to colonise a new galaxy, the residential quarters will be the temporary home for the human, Krogan, Turian and other alien colonists, while the Pathfinders have fun exploring and fighting. Prima facie they would appear to have no other function, but I suspect that we will be able to scour the residential quarters for cool NPCs or hidden items/secrets. I will be like a bloodhound with this game, attempting to find every possible secret.


Next up is the Archives, a digital collection of information about Milky Way species that will allow new aliens to learn about the OG species. This of course will extend to all the Pathfinders who wish to learn hidden secrets around the history of the Milky Way. Hopefully, through our explorations of the other worlds, we will be able to add to the collection and extend our knowledge of Andromedan species.


The Science Labs of the Nexus will be the technological centre of the entire colonisation effort, where new developments will be discovered and interpreted by a dedicated team of scientists (but no Mordin. I am still super upset about Mordin). But back to business, the Science Labs could possibly be an area where upgrades and new gear are purchased or crafted with materials you discover on the assorted planets.


After a hard day of fighting and other assorted colony things, it is nice to just sit back with a drink and relax. Look no further than the Vortex Lounge, a nice little inter-species club that will most likely be home to some rather shady deals (I mean it is a club). I expect to see at least one Asari cage dancer.



Avina is your guide while on board the Nexus and while exploring the Andromedan planets. Known as a Virtual Intelligence Resource, she is programmed with all the information you could possibly need about your grand adventure. She takes the form of a holographic Asari and is accessible throughout the Nexus, via certain terminals. I can foresee us running to Avina when needing information about missions, races or even wildlife.

If you have not signed up for the Andromeda Initiative, I highly recommend it as when you complete all of your training, you will get access to exclusive in-game items. Worth it.

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