‘Destiny Vendor Spotlight : The Wormwood


The Wormwood. Most likely if you have spent any time at all within Destiny after the drop of Rise of Iron you would have heard about this sidearm. This beast of a sidearm. Originating from the Future War Cult or FWC as they are also known, this sidearm is quite effective for use in PVE and the Crucible.

Perk Choices

The vendor roll of The Wormwood is actually quite amazing. The first tier provides you with High Caliber Rounds and Quickdraw. The High Caliber Rounds perk causes this sidearm to buck quite a bit and severely lowers its effectiveness so I would suggest Quickdraw.

The second tier gifts you with the options of Hand Loaded and Zen Moment either of which are a great benefit to The Wormwood. The final intrinsic perk is Hidden Hand, which greatly assists in landing every shot on target.



The vendor roll Wormwood fires Arc energy with its relatively manageable magazine of 12. It has almost maxed out rate of fire as well as and incredibly high reload. The Wormwood has rather high stability which enables you to consistently land the necessary shots. In this regard the high rate of fire does not seem to be a problem. However, due to its rather lacklustre range, The Wormwood is designed to be a close range weapon, sitting comfortably in between the ranges for the average Fusion Rifle and Shotgun.

While not being a one hit kill type of weapon, The Wormwood’s high impact (for its weapon type) and insane rate of fire means that any opponents health will be whittled down to nothing in no time.




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