‘Scalebound’ : 4 Hypothetical Multiplayer Modes That Should Exist


Scalebound is a game that will feature a single player and multiplayer that have a significant focus on co-op play (although you can still play solo). In fact the multiplayer mode itself pits up to four Dragon and Human pairs against a shared boss, that is similar to a Raid style boss. You and your team will work together to take down these bosses for awesome loot.

However despite this, in an interview with Polygon, it was revealed that Scalebound will not use lobbies in an effort to mitigate the problems that generally revolve around that same function. This could lead to shortcomings in the multiplayer department, further down the path but for the moment I, like many other people, are quite excited for this new multiplayer function. Although it got me thinking about potential multiplayer modes for Scalebound that could be a lot of fun to play,

Primeval Arena


This could be a mode, played either one on one or as a team based exercise. It will consist of entirely Dragon based combat, wherein the unique genetically modified beasts of each player would do battle against one another in strategic combat. Points would be awarded for eliminating your opponents, as well as scoring bonus health and power ups by completing in-game challenges, such as successful dodges and critical hits.

The Hunt Of The Hunted


This may sound rather familiar, as it is based off of the multiplayer mode for Evolve. But with Dragons. Within this mode, two or three Dragons shall engage in combat against four to six humans. These human warriors would be equipped with bows/arrows, short swords, shields and spears, as well as an array of tactical gear and traps.

The Flight Of The Beasts


With the bountiful amount of purely combat based multiplayer modes, The Flight Of The Beasts would be an obstacle course type mode, wherein the only factor that counts will not simply be speed. This would be accomplished by carving multiple potential paths throughout the map. There would be larger earth-made barricades that could only be broke by the Brute and its prodigious strength. Likewise there could be hanging vines that the Wyvern would have to duck and dodge to get through. In this regard, speed would not be the only factor, but how quick your fingers are, as well as your timing.

Survival Of The Fittest


This would be the full on team combat based mode, where two four Dragon/four Human teams battle for survival. The Dragon Link would be present within this game mode and success would come to the players who utilise the Link to its greatest capability. Humans would be able to eliminate opposing Dragons, but not without a great amount of difficulty (utilise the Dragon) and likewise humans would be easy prey for the Dragons, but there would be an array of tactical gear such as explosive vests that could deal a bit of additional damage. However if either the human or Dragon dies, the Dragon Link will cause them both to expire, similar to the base game.

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