‘Battleborn’ Is Evolving With A Massive Winter Update

battleborn-cover-in-progressBattleborn has announced a large scale update coming later in the Winter (although here in Australia, we feel like we are deep in the bowels of hell with this heat). This update will serve to basically change how Battleborn will be played, and as such may serve to attract new players and increase the happiness of old players.


The main spree of updates seem to revolve around creating a better player experience within the story missions. Those same missions are gaining a new variety of tools and guides that will cause the missions to be more enjoyable to play (hopefully with more dialogue) and on top of this will guide new players in the right direction without a large amount of confusion. Also arriving will be a boost to the credit rewards for completing the optional objectives.

One of the main complaints in relation to this game is that the story missions are rather irritating to constantly replay, no matter how enjoyable they are. This was mediated by the arrival of the Story Operations but after a while, even those fun little missions can become somewhat stale. With this large update, Battleborn will be gaining Daily Quests, that obviously can be completed every day in both PVE and PVP so there will be something for everyone.


Moving on to the character roster, all 25 base heroes (not including DLC) will become available to every player from the get go. This means that you can begin practising with and mastering your favourite characters quite rapidly. For those that do not know, characters were unlocked via two routes. Either you reach a certain Command Rank or unlock the characters themselves via a specific challenge (such as winning a certain number of matches with a Rogue). Those challenges are still going to be present, but completing them will now result in a new skin for that character being awarded. Logically this means that all old players who had spent a lot of time unlocking their characters, should be getting a large influx of new skins soon, but who knows.

Adding to this, the Command Rank (player rank) will be gaining an increase from 100 to 150 and Character Rank (rank with a given Battleborn) will be raised to 20, from 15.

Battleborn UI.jpg

There will also be two new game training modes (sort of) that will definitely add a lot of benefit to the game. First off is the Incursion Training, which will teach old and new players alike, how to succeed in the Incursion game mode. Based on some of the matches I have played, it probably should have already been present at release but better late than never. This training will have to be completed solo for the first run, but after the first time, you can play with up to three others.

On top of this is the new Dojo mode. Simply put, this is a training mode where you can take any of the Battleborn and learn about their skills and weaponry, as you fight through waves of minions. It would be nice, I think, if there were certain rewards once you reached a certain wave or killed a certain amount of enemies, but at this point, it is still shrouded in mystery.


Finally, the UI of Battleborn will be receiving a certain facelift. The starting screen, command centre, character select and menus will become more vibrant and cleaner. Hopefully the map section during co-op play will become a bit more user friendly. As it is, it takes up a lot of room and makes it a lot harder to choose Helix upgrades.

However, the  Winter update for Battleborn will add a massive amount of beneficial features to the game and will make new and old players alike, a lot happier.

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