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‘Destiny’ Subclass Concept : AetherWisp (Titan)


My final subclass concept for Destiny is for the stoic Titan. The Titan is seen as an ever-present and tangible force on the battlefield, with its energy almost becoming a physical force. In the case of the Aetherwisp the Titan draws its power from the ethereal region.


First up is the grenades,

Firework Grenade
The Firework Grenade showcases its power with a small ball of concentrated pure light that damages any and all opponents that step inside its radius. On top of this small bursts of energy fly out the apex of the ball, which extends the Firework Grenade’s range slightly.

Blanket Grenade
The Blanket Grenade is designed to cover a large area in a relatively short span of time. As the initial portion of condensed light is thrown, a wave of powerful energy launches out, along the ground in the direction of the throw. This wave has a medium range and deals damage to any and all opponents that step inside it. This allows for multiple enemies to be eliminated at roughly the same time. However the drawback is that it is an entirely ground based grenade, in that the wave of energy can be stopped by ground cover or walls.

Prong-3 Grenade
Finally there is the Prong-3 Grenade, which summons a small rotating pillar of Light wherever the initial grenade lands. This pillar has three prongs attached to the top of it that rotate with the main pillar. Like all grenades, any enemies that come into contact with the rotating pillars will be damage. This would work wonderfully to shut down corridors and other areas.


The melee for the Aetherwisp is known as Strike of Mercy which imbues the fist of the Titan with a heavenly energy that deals heavy damage. Upon a successful hit, the Aetherwisp is granted high damage reduction for a short time. On top of this, a small flaming shield appears on this Titan’s arm, and any bullets or attacks that end up hitting this shield, deal minimum damage. There are three modifiers for this melee ability;

-Blinding Light : Two seconds after a successful hit with Strike of Mercy, a blinding flash activates in the immediate area of the hit, disorienting all nearby enemies.

-Swap : Instead of a damage reduction, Strike of Mercy boosts all damage dealing activities for a short time.

-Ally of the Light : A successful hit with Strike of Mercy prompts all nearby allies’ shields to instantly recharge.


The Titan is imbued with the innate ability to simply lift their armoured mass effortlessly off the ground. It is simply called Lift and the Aetherwisp has three ways to change the way Lift operates;

Shift : A quick midair phase teleport that allows for quick directional changes combat.

Increased Height : Upgrades Lift to travel to greater height.

Catapult : Upgrades Lift to provide an initial burst of speed on activation.


The Super for the Aetherwisp is known as Wrath of the Core and involves the Titan summoning and condensing all of its Light energy into the middle of its chest. This energy is released in a focused laser beam that dissolves any enemies that come into contact with it. The beam itself has a long range but is stopped by walls and other assorted ground cover. The Aetherwisp moves slower during Wrath of the Core. The three modifiers are;

Finer Control : The Aetherwisp is given three shots of its core laser as opposed to an automatic beam. The beams will continue to travel endlessly until stopped by an obstacle. In this regard you are able to eliminate more than one enemy per beam.

Wisp Curse : The Aetherwisp begins to float and starts to fade in an out of reality which is shown by a constant transition from transparency to rigidity. White lasers begin to surge around the body of the Aetherwisp dealing damage to any enemies it maintains proximity to. The Titan is able to move around during this.

Aether’s Boon : Movement speed during the concentrated laser of Wrath of the Core, is doubled. This potentially allows you to get around that cover faster and so get more use out of Wrath of the Core before it expires.

The Perks of Being An Aetherwisp


-Titan Codex I : Training focused on battle recovery and toughness

-Titan Codex II : Training focused on speed and toughness

-Titan Codex III : Training focused on battle recovery and speed

-Titan Codex IV : Training focused on all attributes

-Titan Codex V : Training focused on maximum battle recovery

-Titan Codex VI : Training focused on raw speed


-Twofold Blessing : Killing an enemy with an ability grants instant shield recharge but increases damage taken for a short time.

-Defence from Above : Applies an overshield when a kill is registered by way of Wrath of the Core.

-Sacrifice of the Light : Lose access to both grenades and melee ability but Super charges twice as fast.

-The Price : Health is halved but damage dealt is doubled.

-Breath of the Wisp : Grants all grenades a longer duration.

-Defender : Scoring a hit with Strike of Mercy grants you a useable shield that can deflect incoming fire for a short time. Lose access to weapons for the duration that the shield is present.

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