‘Destiny : The Dawning’ : Changes For The Nexus Mind Strike


As many of you could have already anticipated the new version of Sekrion, Nexus Mind has entered Destiny as the new Nightfall (Surprising no one). The main new thing, is that this old fan favourite has become Takenified, and borrowed a few tricks from Vault of Glass. For the most part, the mechanics are similar, with replacement enemies in certain areas (such as Taken Captains instead of Servitors).

Trust me though, these enemies seem to hit like a truck so be on your guard. I will take a moment to talk about Strike Scoring and how it comes into play, especially in the Nightfall. First up, as probably is obvious, the higher the power level of the enemy, the more points are awarded after their death. Second is in regard to the weapon streaks, you are only required to get three confirmed kills within a reasonably short time in order to accumulate those medals so never fear, they are not hard to get.

Vex Gate.png

Back to the Nexus, as you get closer and closer to the battleground of Sekrion, you will eventually encounter a large room with a shield blocking your way. The only way to unlock this gate is to carry a relic to a receptacle on the other side of the room. However a word of caution, it is better to take out the adds before attempting to run the relic as they are quite powerful. Especially the Hobgoblins up top near the receptacle. They will definitely mess up your day.

After the relic has been deposited a ring appears in front of the gate that at least one of the Guardians must stand in. This is similar to the ring used to summon a Vex Gate Lord. Standing in the ring will spawn even more adds to fight off, but maintain the line and eventually the barrier will go down allowing you to continue on your way.


The most major change to the Nexus Mind Strike is the use of the Aegis, the Light filled Shield that was left in the Vault of Glass by Kabr. The Aegis is a transparent shield that can deflect fire and can summon a weaker bubble, similar to the Ward of Dawn that can be fired out of. Most notably is the ability of this shield to fire a powerful blast (by activating your Super when holding it) at any target. However the one target you should be aiming for would be the Nexus Mind. After a successful hit, Sekrion’s shield will go down and damage can be done on it for a short time.

This is followed by a wave of adds, the Aegis spawns pretty much instantly and you repeat the cycle three times. Take it easy and play smart and Sekrion will go down in no time.

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