‘Destiny : The Dawning’ – Guide To Scoring Those Rainbow Medals


In case you haven’t had a chance to delve into the new Strike Scoring system, you may have not heard of the Rainbow Medal. This medal is awarded to those Guardians who manage to accumulate a Primary Spree, Special Spree and Heavy Spree medal, rather close together.

This medal awards a rather large bounty of points (400 to be exact) and will definitely supplement your combined score. First to note, it sometimes can seem like you can only gain one Rainbow Medal per Strike, but the fact is, you can gain as many medals per a Strike Scored…Strike as you wish (and as the flow of battle allows). Just repeat the cycle and act like it is a blank slate every time you score a Rainbow. Primary, Special, Heavy, rinse repeat. However the Spree’s have to be fairly close together so do not leave it too far apart or it will not count.

Rainbow Medal.pngAccumulating multiple Rainbow Medals in a single Strike will be rather beneficial to your Fireteam and to individual Guardians, as you will not have to run Strikes constantly in order to complete the bounty (above) for which you need 10 Rainbow Medals.

In order to make the most of each shot and to maximise the chances of gaining a Rainbow Medal, you must remember that your Guardian must be the one that gets the spree (it does not count alongside your Fireteam). So utilise weapons that you are comfortable with – if you struggle to rapidly kill targets with a sniper rifle, it will most likely not be best when attempting to accumulate Rainbow Medals. Similarly play to the modifiers, as they can really help score those sprees. This week in the Heroic Playlist, Arc Burn is active so you should be able to completely fill up your loadout with Arc weaponry if you wish.

Good luck gaining those Rainbow Medals fellow Guardians and hopefully RNGesus smiles on you and gifts you with Icebreaker.

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