Destiny Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review : Nova Mortis

“From the space between I come. Fragments of stars burn in my footsteps. In my hands I hold death” – Song of the Nova Mortis


With its name originating from a rapid brightening of a star, and death itself, the Nova Mortis is the perfect paradox. Both beneficial and lethal. It was created by the Titan who crafted the famous Thunderlord machine gun, along with another solar variant. On the original schematic of the weapon, the creator worried that this weapon and its power was as dangerous to the wielder as it was to those it was aimed at. The void took over.


Nova Mortis is essentially a Voidlord, having identical stats to the Thunderlord, except of course for the void damage. This exotic machine gun holds the exotic perk Negative Rounds, which boosts fire rate and accuracy the longer the trigger is held. However the Nova Mortis’ bullets have the ability to slow down an enemies movement speed. Although this will only work on Ultra level enemies as the amount of bullets needed to activate it will kill anything weaker than an Ultra. This weapon is ideal for both PVE and PVP having all round solid stats, high stability and of course its crazy rate of fire. You will blast through all opposition. However be careful of the recoil as it bounces around initially and makes it a lot harder to land consistent critical hits, especially as the fire rate goes up.


This has to be one of my favourite looking exotic weapons in the Destiny universe. The purple on the drum barrel, as well as the bullets themselves serve to contrast rather greatly with the titanium silver finish that comprises much of the body. On top of this the liquefied void light that is coursing through the centre of the weapon add a bit of brightness and pizazz to the exotic without overpowering its simplistic look. In the case of Nova Mortis, simple makes this weapon look complex.

How To Acquire It?

Songs From The Void Qust.png

The quest to gain possession of the Nova Mortis is known as Songs From The Void and it is acquired by gaining Xur’s Tag out of the Competitive Spirit Book. You will have access to this reward at rank seven, which does not take long at all to reach. Once you gain the tag, you must head to the top of the Tower (near the door where Iron Banner used to be held) and open Xur’s box. On top of some pretty sweet rewards, you will get the schematic for the Nova Mortis and a new quest. Our favourite exotic pedlar has come through for us yet again.

The quest is actually quite simple. After speaking with Ikora and Banshee, you will be off to charge this weapon with Void power in any activity that allows scoring. This leads to two potential routes, one being Crucible and the other being Strike Scored Playlists (SIVA Crisis or SIVA Heroic). So equip your Void subclass and get those ability kills. Each ability kill in this regard, will grant you five points towards your total of 100. It does not take long at all.

After your ability kills are complete, return to Banshee once more. He will then inform you that you need to complete one more activity, that being the Abomination Heist on the Moon. You are able to select the 320 Light version to make it easy. After you take down the Abomination, the quest will activate once more telling you to return to Ikora to score your new exotic.



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