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Exotic Review : Abbadon

“I am one with the flame. The conflagration reborn. I am your funeral pyre” – Anthem of the Abbadon 


The final sibling of the Thunderlord and Nova Mortis, the Abbadon contains within, an unrelenting power just waiting to be unleashed. Each bullet that is fired, contains within it the potency of the sun. The Titan who created this weapon wished for it to demolish every single thing that crossed its path. Lost to history, the Abbadon has been re-created to burn its name across the universe.


Bearing the exact same stats as the Nova Mortis and Thunderlord, it contains high stability and a solidly high range for a weapon of its type. The exotic perk is known as Incendiary Rounds, which increases stability and fire rate the longer this weapon is fired. While this perk is quite useful it is not worthy of an exotic, especially since two other weapons share this same ability. Incendiary Rounds has a secondary ability which causes targets to light on fire after sustained punishment with Abbadon. This of course would only work on Ultra level enemies, much like the Negative Rounds of Nova Mortis.


The design of this weapon is exactly the same as its sibling exotics, however the paintjob reflects its fiery core. The peripheral elements of this gun sport a copper overcoat that counters and yet blends in with the grey metallic finish on the body of Abbadon. The Abbadon also has some flickers of arc energy as well as a large portion of fire that coats it. Unleash the inferno Guardians.

How To Acquire It?

Hymns Of Fire Quest.png

There is no quest marker for the Abbadon, instead you will have to seek out Commander Zavala after you receive the Nova Mortis. Once you do it will activate the quest known as Hymns Of Fire, which shares many similarities to the Nova Mortis Quest.

This quest will direct you to Banshee once again, as he will be your guide in your quest to re-create the Abbadon. The original weapon was lost but due to the existence of Nova and Thunderlord, the gunsmith has the technology to craft it. The start of the quest is quite simple – gain points by scoring Solar ability kills in any activity. You do not need to enter a scored activity which makes it even easier to complete. Every ability kill gives you five points so it won’t take long to get the necessary 100.

After gaining your Solar kills and returning to Banshee, you will then need to complete the Shield Brothers Strike on the Dreadnaught. This can be completed on an easier difficulty to expedite the process but once the Shield Brothers lie dead and buried on the Dreadnaught, you can then rush back to the Tower and claim the Abbadon from Zavala. Burn any who oppose you with the Firelord.


Got Abbadon.png

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