A Lookback : Ratchet And Clank

Ratchet and Clank.jpg

If you grew up in the early 2000’s and owned a Playstation console, you most likely enjoyed the hi-jinks of the Lombax Ratchet and his robotic partner Clank. These two unlikely heroes assisted each other over the course of many years while they saved the universe more than once, over a variety of planets and with an arsenal of quite hilarious weaponry. The Ratchet and Clank series was quite the classic and I think it is time to take a look back on what made this franchise so popular and a wonder to play.

Locked and Loaded.jpg

One of the things that is so wondrous about this game is the fact that Ratchet has no huge desire to be apart of the world saving team, but essentially is moulded into that role with a cynicism and sass, that is in many ways unparalleled.

The Wacky Characters

Captain Qwark.gif

The character cast of the Ratchet and Clank games is one that we all end up knowing and loving (or hating – looking at you Qwark). They exude an air of silliness and wackiness that just makes playing through the games even more enjoyable. And despite their child-like behaviour and sometimes simple humour, these games, through some of their weirder characters, get away with some jokes a child would not understand (which makes it even better to replay).

On top of this, these characters either give you an interesting and sometimes difficult encounter, or even provide you with an essential service or an awesome weapon. For example the Plumber that is somehow always in the most dangerous spots, just in time to catch the unlikely best friends.


Now lets talk about our playable favourites, Ratchet and Clank themselves. They are the perfect compliment to each other but at the same time are rather similar, with their love interests and combat prowess. Even though Ratchet is high on passion a lot of the time, and Clank is rather logical, they are the ideal team. Ratchet and Clank provide every player of all age groups, with a lot of laughter and some cringeworthy moments.

Ridiculous Weapons And Gadgets

Weapon Gif.gif

One of the main draws of the Ratchet and Clank games are the series of insanulous (Insane + ridiculous) weapons that we can get our hands on. While we start out with a simple Omniwrench to use to hack and bash our way through our opponents, Ratchet starts to accumulate a fair bit of out there gear. From simple weapons like the Blaster to the Glove of Doom to the Morph o Ray that turns enemies into chickens, Ratchet and Clank has something for everyone. If you don’t believe me, the new version of Ratchet and Clank that has come to Playstation 4, even has a weapon known as the Groovitron that throws out a disco ball, and forces enemies in the area to dance.

Don’t even get me started on the R.Y.N.O, that god-like rocket launcher that cost so many bolts but was so worth it. That thing did such an overpowered amount of damage it was beautiful.

Over The Top Boss Battles

Drek Battle.jpg

The boss battles of Ratchet and Clank definitely mark the end of the game for the most part but they are so much fun and are so random and over the top that they can be replayed almost constantly, using different weaponry and strategies. While some of them are quite easy (even though 10 year old me hated them), some require a lot of quick thinking and the over the top attacks by our opponents can catch players quite off guard and so can provide quite the challenge.

The battles, not just the ones at the end of the games, but all the way through are just a lot of fun and fold out in such a way that it is easy not to take it too seriously, which I think is a staple of the Ratchet and Clank franchise. Still to this day, Locked and Loaded is one of my favourite games and quite I relate with one of his arena fight intros, “He’s a Lombax, he’s spent time in prison, he hates candy and children” (kidding of course).


Hoverboard Race.jpg

Even though they play a direct role in the progression of the story, there are a fair few minigames that can earn you some pretty sweet rewards and those bolts bro. Get those bolts. From hover board racing, to ship battles in the depths of space and the arena battles, Ratchet and Clank has something for everyone to enjoy. You can continue to play through these modes as much as you want which is absolutely perfect. Ratchet and Clank has so much for every player to experience.

One word describes the Ratchet and Clank series, and that word is ‘awesome’. The games hold an air of out-there-ness  that serves as part of its charm. Ratchet and Clank are the heroes we need and the ones we want. If you threaten their galaxy, they will be right there to shove a quirky weapon right Up Your Arsenal.


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