The Legend Lives On : The Iron Lords (Part 2)


The Iron Lords of Destiny were some of the first to rise after being blessed with the Traveler’s Light. They used it to solidify much of the world and eliminate those that would use their power to subjugate and terrorise. We have already met the first half of the original Iron Lords in Part 1. Lets complete the set.

Lady Perun


Lady Perun was a Hunter and one of the founding members of the Iron Lords. Placed in the unofficial role of field commander, Lady Perun had a remarkable talent for strategising and forming battle plans that could topple even the most hardened Warlord.

When attempting to remove a Warlord by the name of Segoth from power, the three iron Lord team consisting of Perun, Saladin and Radegast created a series of heavy iron shields and set them in front of a narrow pass. The reason for this was because Perun knew that Segoth would show up by way of that direction, in order to strike the most fear into the town that was subjugated under him. Perun guessed quite correctly and soon Segoth arrived with his formidable army. Perun and her fellow Iron Lords crouched behind their cover and lifted their rifles and began to fire at Segoth and his men. The Iron Lords fell one by one, but they also got up, one by one, covering each other at every turn. Eventually, as Segoth was shot once more by Perun, as his army scattered, she and the other Iron Lords had sent a message to other Warlords and to the town of people they were protecting. The Iron Wolves were not to be messed with.

Lord Gheleon


Lord Gheleon was in all essence, the doomsday prep kind of Iron Lord. A Hunter obsessed with his knives, named Occam, Quietus and Swiftling. Those three knives did much of the work at the Battle of Black Lona. Between the roots of an old ash tree, under which Gheleon had hidden his den, he had arrayed an assortment of Fallen bones he had collected from that same battle, along with scavenged pieces of an Ahamkara, some coyote skeletons and a fossil mastodon skull. All of these were scorched, burned and in some cases cracked, as Gheleon had subjected them to an assortment of grenades, bullets and hammers in order to test their combat effectiveness. He had kept extensively detailed notes in a tattered notebook entitled, ‘Field Armor Experiments’. These experiments were to find the best last resort armor in case of overwhelming odds.

During a torture session that was being undertaken by Lord Felwinter, the other Iron Lords came to Lord Gheleon’s den and witnessed his assorted experiments. While he was beginning to test the strength of the bone with his personal knives, they commented on his tests of bone. Lady Jolder stated that all of the testing was useless because they would always be there to have his back. Being the optimistic Lord he was, Gheleon simply stated that it was in case, they all died, Ghosts destroyed and Light drained. He would hide under their bodies until the threat was gone and then craft a new helmet from their skulls, a new breastplate from their ribs and new gloves from their fingers and knuckles. There was a very long silence after that one.

Lady Jolder


Lady Jolder was a female Titan and a close friend of Lord Saladin. Despite being a fierce member of the Iron Lords, Jolder was known for wanting to look good for any and all battles. However if she went to all the effort of looking good, the fight better be worth it.

During a campaign against the Warlord Rience who had eluded them for quite some time, he eventually agreed to settle the score by way of single combat. Lady Perun came to see Jolder just before the battle, and found her selecting assorted armour pieces to look her very best, even going so far as having Perun hold up a breastplate so she could apply her kohl battlepaint. While Lady Perun was busy talking about the potential for Rience to resort to treachery, Lady Jolder was wishing and hoping that she would get to battle against two opponents, instead of the one. Just for fun. And also so her putting on warpaint would not be for nothing.

Lord Timur


Lord Timur was a Stormcaller Warlock and like so many Warlocks after him, became obsessed with forbidden and hidden secrets. In many ways, Lord Timur was the one responsible for the uncovering of the SIVA virus, as he relentlessly searched and uncovered every Clovis Bray lead he could find. Eventually his search for SIVA drove him insane with desire and madness so profound that he thought Lord Felwinter was a Warmind, took over. However through his search, he uncovered the location of SIVA in the Plaguelands of Earth. This led to the Iron Lords wishing to re-make the world in a better form, which of course led to their cruel deaths.

Lord Timur was in possession of a rather powerful weapon he had called his Lash. This weapon, through great focus, enabled Timur to control the wills of the enemy, turning entire hordes of hostiles against each other. This assisted the Iron Lords greatly in battle, turning overwhelming odds to easily beatable ones. Lord Timur met his end, like the rest of the main Iron Lords in the final replication chamber, overcome by the very SIVA he wanted so much to find.

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