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‘Destiny’ : 6 Tips For Success In The Sparrow Racing League

Sparrow Racing Starting Line.png

If you have been playing Destiny recently, you would have been privy to the returning event known as Sparrow Racing League or SRL. This pits a series of six Guardians in intense Sparrow Racing on admittedly hostile planets to find out who is the fastest of them all. Although it is reasonably self-explanatory as to how you would win a race, I thought I would compile some tips for success in any and all SRL races.

Get Your Boost On


Your main supply of crazy speed are going to be the boost gates that are scattered all around the tracks, some being directly in your path and some being not so directly in your way. All of these gates will provide a rather significant boost to your speed for a temporary time, and a few of these gates hit in a subsequent kind of manner serve to increase your base speed. On the flip side of this, if you miss even one, your base speed will drop rather significantly (it would be hard to catch up to the leaders going 90km/h).

At the same time though, you do not need to hit every single boost gate to place high up in the SRL rankings. In fact, going out of your way to drive through a gate can leave you open to a crash or make it harder to get back on track. It would be better to skip it then let your Sparrow swerve out of control. I guess what I am trying to say is choose your gates wisely.

The Racing Gear Is Key

Racing Gear.png

Old players of SRL would already have accrued a fair bit of racing gear, special items that while not looking the most glamorous provide awesome bonuses and boosts that will increase your odds of winning. If you do not have any SRL racing gear, fear not, as it will drop randomly after your many races and can also be earned from the racing quests given to you by Amanda Holliday.

From granting you more fuel with a successful trick to allowing you to pitch your Sparrow in differing directions so you can make the most of the terrain, the racing gear will definitely aid you in your quest for victory.

Pick Your Path


While you are zooming around the assorted tracks, there will be many options and opportunities for your Sparrow to zoom through. Taking ramps or ducking under the main body of the track or even carving a new lane through an open area of planet can be the difference between winning and losing. In the above photo my choice was to drive upside down (and I won that race) but that will probably not work for everyone.

As long as you make smart choices in relation to your racing path you should be fine, and in many ways could be more than fine. This is especially true when it comes to attempting to bypass the crazy horde of Sparrows that seems to occur a lot at the start of races. Choosing a separate path can be the best option in order to glide smoothly straight into first place and if a particular path does not work for you it is a simple matter to just alternate to a new path.

Don’t Leave Loose Ends…Take Those Corners Tight


Taking corners tight is actually a fairly important strategy within any racing game or event, especially in the SRL. If you attempt to take a wide arc on a corner, it can work but more often than not it will result in the racers behind you inching closer to your place or even overtaking you. Taking a tight corner minimises the amount of time you are in a weird limbo place, where your speed is compromised and anything can happen. You could crash or hit something or just lose your place to an opponent.

The key to taking tight turns is not that hard and can be easily manageable if you hug the wall opposite to the side of the turn. If you are turning left you would attempt to stay closer to the right side coming up to the turn. This works for me at least, and if it doesn’t, definitely use your brakes to make last minute adjustments. This is what your brakes are made for, and when used right can make tight corners a pretty standard part of your racing repertoire.

Use Your Bumpers


We have come to one of the most controversial parts of Sparrow Racing (that isn’t a phrase I have ever written before), but bumping is actually quite useful. For those that do not know,your bumpers are used for quick lateral shifts of direction, that your Sparrow is capable of undertaking, at the expense of some fuel. While some players look at bumpers and bumping in general, as a ‘dirty’ practice, it is all part of the game. While it can be a useful strategy to nudge other racers into obstacles and off the map, that is not all bumping can be used for (although it is the main use apparently).

As I am sure many of you have already figured out, your bumpers can also be used to correct your driving course or throw yourself in the way of the gates that you would have missed otherwise (this of course could mean that you are bumping other people out of the way so win-win in some cases). This also extends to assisting yourself in taking those tight turns or dodging incoming obstacles. Bumping…the way of the future, and the present. Although you will need fuel to use your bumpers, and this can come about through hitting gates, you can also get a boost every time you complete a successful trick in the air, so go absolutely nuts.

Chill Out And Have Fun


It does sound like a cliche, but seriously sit back, relax and enjoy your racing. It may be a new competitive mode and you may want to win, but it is just fun to zip around the new and old racing tracks and foster a bit of joy. Don’t get so hung up on winning, because you will win eventually. Use your horns and create a bit of noise pollution on the track or when you pass another racer. Throw emotes everywhere and at everyone like lollies on Halloween and cruise around like the coolest Guardian in the Tower. I had a race recently where myself and another racer were constantly passing each other. Every time we did, a horn would go off and we would point at the other. It may not sound like much but it made me laugh.

On top of this every single person who races has a chance at loot as long as they give the race a good attempt. If you start the race and just sit at the start line you won’t get anything, but as long as you drive with passion and heart, the rewards screen could gift you with some new shaders, racing gear or Crucible weapons.

Hopefully even a single one of these tips helps you in your quest to leave all other Guardians in the interplanetary dust of your souped up Sparrow. There are no prisoners in the SRL Guardians.

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