‘Skyrim’ Modwatch : Whiterock Hall

Whiterock Hall Outside.png

Whiterock Hall is a player house mod that is downloadable on Xbox One (at least) for Skryim Special Edition. This player home, located west of the Western Watchtower in Whiterun Hold, comes standard with a Tradepost, a Barracks, a small cottage and a large living quarters (that would be the building in the background). It also comes with an outdoor forge and a watchtower to scout the plains that surround the Whiterock Hall, while you are safe behind your sharpened wood barricade.


Or to just admire your new estate. This mod provides players with a clean, simplistic living environment that provides all your playable needs. Now lets go through all the features of Whiterock Hall.

Whiterock Home


Whiterock Home is a cozy little cottage area that seems to be more for a follower or possible steward than for the Dragonborn. It is only a single level and contains rudimentary facilities. With practically no storage, I am talking one barrel – it would not be a popular living space for players. On the left hand side there is a single table that is covered with chopped up wood. Next to this, on either side is a wood chopping block, as well as a grindstone, in case your follower, or your avatar wishes for some late night weapon improving. It’s most notable feature is the firepit in the centre which you can cook over. This is definitely not the ideal choice for player habitation.

Whiterock Trading Post


Now we come to the Trading Post, a nice little two storey merchant shop…minus the merchant. It is fully stocked with an array of general goods, including fruits and vegetables, weapons and armour. It also has some display gear that cannot be interacted with but really does create a nice aesthetic.

While there is no merchant selling you the goods you need to keep up your adventures, it is quite possible that a follower could move in and act out the role of shop keeper. There are a fair few spouses that open up their own shops so they may operate those shops from the Whiterock Trading Post. Potential spouses like Camilla Valerius will open the merchant route for your player.

Whiterock Barracks


Once again we are presented with a two storey dwelling, the bottom half consisting of an assortment of beds, while the top half has enough weapon storage to supply an army…because it is a barracks. There are a series of 20 individual weapon racks as well as practice dummies on the right hand side of the building.

The barracks is pretty much bare and is devoid of NPCs, however being the follower friendly mod that Whiterock Hall is, you can assign your followers to a certain role within the estate. This of course extends to them living there. You are given two options for your followers : to work there (which I assume means in the Tradepost) or to guard the estate at night. You can assign a fair few followers to the Whiterock Barracks, and they will patrol the grounds at night (I myself have Lydia and Faendal patrolling right now).

Whiterock Smithy


Tucked behind an iron bar door next to the Trading Post lies the smithy. Containing everything from a forge to a grindstone to a tanning rack, any Skyrim blacksmith would kill to get their hands on these facilities. On top of this, Whiterock estate has three smelters…yep three. One is present in front of the smithy, while the other two are on the opposite end of the estate behind the barracks.

Whiterock Hall


Whiterock Hall is the main player home for this mod, that draws inspiration from a Jarl’s Longhouse. In the main dining hall, you are given a main table and an assortment of chairs that surround it. You can definitely tell which one is meant for the Dragonborn, it being a throne…behind which, is another even cooler throne. Just in case no one knows you are in charge.


Lets start with the top left room. It is in fact a kids room, complete with two single beds, enabling you to adopt up to two kids. There is a small amount of storage which will be perfect for your little bundles of joy, as well as an open toy chest in the middle of the back wall. This is full of things like dolls, toy swords, flowers and small figurines of Skyrim’s assorted creatures and beasts (which also adorn the shelves above the chest). The kids room is simple and yet contains a charming elegance.


On the bottom left, we are given access to a rather large and fully stocked kitchen, complete with an oven and a refrigerator. The oven has a preset selection of confections and pastries that you can create such as Garlic Bread and a Snowberry Crostata (I don’t know what that is but it sounds yummy).

There is also specialised storage so you can organise your kitchen supplies and tools, such as a series of meat cuts hanging up on the right hand side (next to the oven). This serves as your meat storage. On top of this, underneath the counter, there is a special spot designated for food storage, specifically for Fruits, Vegetables and Breads. Next to this is a spot designed for storage of your alcohols and meads. This way of storing items, provides a nice little display while still allowing for a fair bit of organisation.


The storage area on the top right portion of Whiterock Hall, follows the same design principle as the food storage section in the kitchen. This room is given a clutterfied amount of decoration with each different part serving a purpose. From storage for your staffs, scrolls, weapons of every type and every type of armour, this new storage section really has it all. A high level of organisation can be achieved with this room and a great part of your adventure will be sorting out all your newly acquired gear into their proper spots.

A downside to this is that it limits your decoration options, in regards to keeping your hard earned loot on display. But then again there are plenty of tables and cabinets you can place stuff on too.


The final room that will be accessible in Whiterock Hall, is the main living quarters for your Dragonborn. This room has an amazing aesthetic and a massive amount of storage for everything you can think of. Featuring a four poster bed and a large desk, which has a designated storage nook for journals and notes this is a fine room to collapse into after a long day of adventuring (or lets be real, it will be like a month of adventuring because Dragonborn don’t sleep).

Crafting Section Whiterock.png

Well I guess that is it, nothing else at all in Whiterock Hall. Oh except for the Crafting Hall. Accessible through a small trap door behind the throne, this subterranean wonderland features a forge, ore storage, weapon and armour storage (just because you need heaps) and a huge grated firepit which makes you feel as if you have opened Skyrim to one of the realms of Oblivion. But thats not all folks.


It also has an enchanting/alchemy station, complete with designated potion and ingredient storage and a staff enchanting station (next to the enchanting table). This basement is one of the best features of an already amazing mod.

Whiterock Hall is a follower friendly player estate that appears bare at first glance but with a little work can actually accommodate a huge number of NPCs. Complete with a massive amount of specialised storage and every service that you will use on your journey, Whiterock Hall is an amazing estate that feels minutely cozy yet incomprehensibly vast at the same time. A wonderful mod.

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