Get Topsy : 4 Games To Get You In The Christmas Spirit

Christmas Gaming.png

Tis the season, when happiness abounds all around the world and we await the arrival of Mr Claus…first name Santa. Christmas is not just a season to be celebrated in the real world, as festive cheer has permeated into our virtual worlds as well. Whether you enjoy playing AAA titles or are more of an indie game player, I have found a few games that might assist you in heightening your Christmas spirit.

Animal Crossing New Leaf


Animal Crossing New Leaf isn’t a solely Christmas based game with it being based on the improvement and management of a small town populated by cute little avatars. However beginning all the way back at the start of December, a change occurred. Snow began to fall and Christmas trees began to crop up everywhere, already decorated. Christmas themed items began to be sold such as Santa’s gear and glow wands. For players of Animal Crossing, if you managed to acquire all five items of Santa’s outfit you unlock a special event, being Toy Day. The pieces of the Santa Suit can be found at the shop of the Able Sisters on Main Street.

Beginning on the evening of Christmas Eve, a new NPC will appear in your town, a reindeer by the name of Jingle. He will mention Santa and at this point you must put on your Santa outfit and you will get access to one of the main events of Toy Day. Jingle will provide you with a gift bag full of all the presents that the villagers want. If you had been speaking to your villagers you would have found out what they wanted to get for Toy Day. It is but a simple matter on the 24th to go around and fulfil your dreams of being Father Christmas. But make sure you deliver them before 6am on Christmas Day or they won’t be able to open their presents on Christmas.

Christmas Sweeper 3


Christmas Sweeper 3 is an application that can be downloaded onto tablets, phones and any other device you could possibly have. It is a charming little game featuring a simple style of play that we have seen countless times before…but it is Christmas themed so it is better. Simply swipe left, right, up and down to match three of the same Christmas symbol and clear the board. The level is only cleared when the requisite number of Santa hats have been removed from the board. Oh and there are a few hidden secrets hidden behind the Christmas symbols so swipe away.

NiGHTs Into Dreams

Christmas Nights.jpg

Christmas NiGHTs is an additional few levels that are available once the main game of NiGHTS into Dreams is completed. Perhaps I have gotten ahead of myself though, NiGHTs is an arcade style game where you essentially compete for a high score, defeating certain enemies and attempting to garner larger and larger chains to enhance your score. The end game is essentially to save Nightopia.

In Christmas NiGHTs the premise is essentially still the same but NiGHTs is red now, there is snow everywhere, christmas trees and baubles are predominant in the dreams and there is soothing christmas music everywhere. Playable on the old SEGA Saturn if you still have one, or on Steam if you don’t, this cheap and fun little game will transport you to a realm of nostalgia and Christmas spirit.

Mercenary Day : Borderlands 2


One of my favourite Christmas related games, or more accurately DLC, the Mercenary Day DLC of Borderlands 2 provides a very Pandora-like twist to Christmas. A smaller scale expansion, Mercenary Day sees the Vault Hunters to Gingerton, guided by the cheery spirit of Marcus, to find out why the town has frozen solid. And also to located Marcus’ missing shipment of guns. Enjoy a very Borderlands Christmas as the townsfolk exchange guns and grenades to show joy and the looming evil of the Abominable Mister Tinder Snowflake comes to bear.

Come on, enjoy Christmas Borderlands fans. Even the bandits are enjoying the snowy wonderland.

Hopefully this list will help gamers of all platforms jump in on the festivities. Merry Christmas everyone.

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