‘Skyrim’ Modwatch : Hex Fiend Armory

Hex Fiend Guardians.png

This edition of Skyrim Modwatch features a series of craftable weapons and armour that in the creators words will make the user quite overpowered. I am tempted to believe it based on the appearance of the items in question.

Obviously based on the above photo the location of the new Forge of Fiends is on some assorted plane of Oblivion, as the protectors of this arena are in fact a subset of Daedra. On top of this, with all the assorted crystals and other shiny things it looks like the Forge of Fiends shares a similar home to the inside of Azura’s Star.


To get into the new area, dubbed The Fiend Void, you must travel a fair distance south. The Fiend Void is located almost directly south of Ivarstead (even though it is very far south) and it pretty much stands right on top of Autumnwatch Tower, home to a not-so-friendly Dragon. To gain entrance to this cool new zone, you first must defeat the Guard Of Passing (pictured below). While it may look like an ordinary shade it is a fairly formidable opponent so definitely come prepared for a fight. Once it is defeated, you may loot its corpse for a special key (you will know it when you see it), which will afford you entry into The Fiend Void.


Once inside, you will be greeted by the unspeaking, kind of scary Daedric Fiends who just stare as you pass, displaying the cool armour you can someday acquire. They will not attack you if you do not attack them, and if you have the bright idea to try and kill them so you may loot the armour straight off their corpses, just don’t. They do not take any damage whatsoever…this is not a fight you will be able to win.


The main attraction of this mod is the slightly altered Shrine of Nocturnal which serves as The Forge of Fiends. At this station you can craft an assortment of heavy armour (no light armour in this mod) as well as weapons including, Hex Fiend Hammer, Hex Fiend Scythe (above), Hex Fiend Sword Backhand and Hex Fiend Sword Forehand. This items, as well as the armour requires a Daedric Armour base as well as Fiend Coins and Old Coins to forge.


These coins can also be crafted at the Forge of Fiends but for a kind of hefty price. Each Fiendish Coin requires 100 Fallen Souls to craft, while Old Coins require only 50 Fallen Souls. Now Fallen Souls are a lootable item that can be picked up from undead … that are dead. Simply kill skeletons, Draugr and any other undead you can find and you have a chance to gain these items. Not every undead will hold these and it seems completely random as to who holds it and what number of the souls they will hold. Based on my experience any number from 0-15 is possible.

If you are a lover of Daedric Armour and heavy armour at that, I highly recommend that you pick up this mod. The weapons and armour exude power and an alien-otherness that is just too cool to pass up. However it is a fair bit of a grind to get those Fallen Souls that will enable you to forge the items, but it shouldn’t be a problem if you are getting ready to explore those Nordic burial ruins. Happy Hunting Dragonborn.


    1. Im not entirely sure but my best guess would be to either check around the area, as the dragon could have killed it or it could have roamed around hunting other enemies. So if you check around and it isn’t there I would just try to remove the mod and reinstall it. Just a few guesses


      1. I deleted the mod and re installed it and he still won’t show up will he re spawn at some point?


      2. I’m not sure dude. You may have run into a bug the mod creator didnt know about. But hopefully after a certain amount of time it would be like a normal enemy and just respawn.


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