Destiny Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review : Astrocyte Verse

astrocyte verse.jpg

The ideocosm contained within this helm transforms the wearer’s head from flesh and/or exoneurons to the pure, raw stuff of thought


This new Warlock helmet (which has taken me the absolute longest time to get) has fallen into the sadly neglected category of exotics that look amazing but are practically useless. The Astrocyte Verse originally came stock standard with a perk that provided a boost to the travel distance of Blink as well as reducing the cooldown of Blink. However at this point in time the exotic perk, known as Move To Survive provides a temporary increase to recovery upon activating Blink. Besides the incredibly niche market that this exotic would actually work for, the perk essentially provides no bonus. The increase to recovery is so minuscule as to go unnoticed and the sad fact of it is, most of the time you will not get lucky enough that the recovery increase will be beneficial. In both PVE and PVP there are definitely better exotics to utilise.


Now here is the real annoying part. Despite being one of the most useless exotics (In my opinion) it is also one of the best looking. It is a galaxy in a fishbowl. With its roiling and swirling waves of purple and blue, it creates a mystical effect that couples perfectly with everything that the Warlock embodies. On top of this the sporadic flashes of lightning from within the helmet add to its appearance of an otherwordly power. Oh and I probably should mention this – the rolling galaxy vortex is constantly in motion, as if the very thought that it is composed of is constantly shifting and changing. It is quite awesome.

How To Acquire It?

The Astrocyte Verse can be acquired from any exotic helmet engram or can be purchased from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.

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