‘Battleborn’ Injecting Some Variety With New Quests

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 2.19.11 pm.png

With the incoming Winter Update somewhere on the horizon (i’m not sure where but I am going to guess…winter. Or summer for the rest of you southern hemisphere peeps) Battleborn is poised to become a much friendlier and ever more enjoyable game. In one of the changes, the game that is said to be quite repetitive and lets face it, a little dry at times is set to gain a new series of quests.

Daily Quests and Main Quests will be arriving in a few short weeks and it will serve as a little incentive for new and old players alike to return on a daily basis and get some cool loot. Lets begin with Main Quests of which there are 20 so far. They range from quite simple such as the above minion kills, to a series of harder goals perhaps ranging from winning a certain number of Incursion matches or the like. These Main Quests, while providing some pretty sweet rewards, can serve to teach new and old players (some people are just so bad at this game) all about the team based mechanics and how to function in the game modes. This will help alleviate the pretty steep learning curve that Battleborn has carved out for itself and could bring in some new players, which will make everything a lot better.

Rath gif.gif

Now on to the Daily Quests which as the name suggests will be daily. There will be three different types of daily quests that have differing difficulty levels, and as such, differing loot rewards. The lowest tier on this daily ladder are the quests that appear each day. I cannot give a solid example but I am assuming it revolves around killing a certain number of enemies that day. Then there are the three day quests which are a little harder and more time consuming, but not nearly as long as the quests that arrive every six days. Obviously the quests that arrive every six days will be more beneficial to your loot hunting than the lower tiers but as a whole the quests give us something to log in and accomplish each day, which is a nice change.

Gearbox has been mute on the release date of the Winter Update thus far but it cannot be far away. The addition of quests will add just a little more variety into the standard MOBA formula which is just super.

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