Mass Effect Andromeda

Combat Has Leaped Lightyears In ‘Mass Effect Andromeda’

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 4.05.28 pm.png

Alongside cool aliens, an open world, great dialogue and an awesome story, one of the main draws for fans both young and old, of the Mass Effect series is the combat. This is ever more true in Mass Effect Andromeda. At CES 2017, a new trailer was revealed showing off new combat abilities and how your very own Pathfinder can be moulded mid-game to suit a variety of roles.

MEA Profiles.png

Lets start with your Pathfinder profiles. We learnt from an earlier trailer that the Pathfinder was part explorer, part colonist, part leader, part soldier and a million other little things. However in combat (or maybe you have to be in a safe zone), you are able to access Ryder’s menu and change the build of your character in an overlay fashion.

Each profile comes with its own set of bonuses and boosts that can be optimal in almost every imaginable role. For example, the above Soldier profile provides boosts to weapon damage, accuracy, clip size and also provides a damage bonus for each subsequent target killed in battle. As you progress throughout the game you will be able to unlock the subsequent profiles. Or maybe, just maybe you will have to scour the planets for the right materials to upgrade your bio-suit.

Tech Page.png

During combat you have access to a huge amount of skills that can be used for a variety of success on differing planets. A lot of the skills may be locked behind certain Profiles requiring you to rank them up or have them equipped in order to utilise them. Anyways these skills are sorted into Combat, Biotics and Tech and you can pick and choose which abilities to equip into your loadout. Only three abilities can be active at any one time.

Combat abilities will be the devastating attacks that utilise offensive techniques and can obliterate enemies without a care. Biotics will revolve primarily on gravity manipulation, healing and shield generating. While Tech will most likely be based on some form of physical adaptation, that can deal damage or provide support (like the flamethrower).

Stats Page MEA.png

Finally I will talk about the skills page in relation to your squad. Keeping with the traditional Mass Effect formula, Ryder will only be able to take two other teammates out into the dangers of the unknown. Under the skills page, you can also check out your allies stats, primarily in relation to their health and shield as well as unlocking and upgrading skills for your squadmates.

This allows you to control the flow of the battle to a greater degree by selecting complimentary loadouts to your own and fine-tune your team’s strengths while minimising its weaknesses.

Mass Effect Andromeda has finally been scheduled for release on March 23rd 2017 and while a lot about the game is still unknown, one thing is quite clear. The combat that will take place in the Andromeda Galaxy has definitely improved over the 600 year journey from the Milky Way.

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