‘Battleborn’s Winter Update Will Make Training And Learning Characters A Lot Easier

Galilea Mask.gif

Battleborn has a lot of complex mechanics in the form of its PVP modes such as Incursion as well as the ever expanding roster of unique characters. With the 30th character Beatrix just around the corner, the winter update arriving soon will bring new training modes, to help amend the rather steep learning curve.

Since the release of Battleborn there has not been a defined mode or arena that players can enter to test out new strategies, or just play around with a character and learn their abilities. The only real alternatives were to either enter a PVP match and hope for the best or to play through a story mission (which can get quite boring after a while). However, enter the Dojo.


The Dojo is a new training mode that runs for around 15 minutes. Accessible through the upcoming Training menu, the Dojo provides you with a very modest 100,000 shards and boosts your Helix level to Rank Five, so you can have immediate access to your ultimate. Upon arrival, a wave of minions will spawn every 40 seconds, and these minions can be destroyed with whatever tools you have at your disposal, or can be left to be eaten up by the grinder. These minions get tougher as time goes on and so allow you to practice combining abilities and techniques to learn how to take them down in the quickest and most efficient fashion.

On top of this the Dojo is the prime place to test out and optimise any assortment of gear loadouts. Experiment with massively increasing your damage or maybe try and turn your melee character into a tank that is impossible to stop. You have the shards, you have the loot, so go haywire and test out your loadouts with as many characters as you wish.

The Dojo is entirely a solo activity. Pick a character, blow some stuff up for a little while and then leave. Thats it. No experience, no challenge rewards and no loot. Just purely unadulterated practice to allow new and old players alike to get the hang of the many interesting characters in Battleborn.


Moving on to the other segment of the winter update’s training, is the new Incursion Training mode that teaches new and old players alike, the intricacies and basic techniques to compete in an Incursion match. Now this training mode is not compulsory for all players, more of an option than anything else, but the first time it is played you will be alone. Well not entirely alone, you will have a team of two other bot controlled characters, arrayed against three other bot characters. It is also supposedly really easy to win so don’t fret too much and just focus on learning how to play with everything that is going on in this PVP mode.

This training mode takes place on a specially designed smaller Incursion map with two sentries, a Thrall camp off to the side and of course, the obligatory open areas where most of the combat will take place. After completing this mode for the very first time, you can enter it with up to two friends and practice different team compositions, strategies and just have a bit of casual fun. Upon completion you can gain some rewards such as credits but they will be of such a low number that it really reinforces Incursion Training as simply that…training.

As I have said before, Battleborn has a rather steep learning curve and the lack of areas that attempt to mitigate that only heighten the problems new players have. Adding these training arenas will allow new players to jump right into the game in a comfortable manner where they are somewhat familiar with the state of things. In essence I think these training arenas are going to a breath of fresh air for an already great game.

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