How To NOT Train Your Dragon – Xbox ‘Scalebound’ Has Been Cancelled

Angry Thuban.jpg

In my travels I have searched for a captivating and awesome dragon game. Not just a game with dragons but a game about dragons. Scalebound developed by Platinum Games was the answer. However new reports state that Platinum Games and Microsoft have parted ways and Scalebound has ceased to exist.

Scalebound was lets face it, an epic game about the bond between a dragon and his human, specifically between Thuban and Drew respectively. Featuring four player co-op, you would work together to eliminate over-the-top beasties and get that sweet loot to genetically customise your dragon. However due to apparent “business decisions” on Microsoft’s part, fans will have to switch to another one AAA title that Microsoft is still continuing with, such as Sea of Thieves.

These business decisions reflected missed deadlines on behalf of Platinum, as well as stresses on the games engine that would present problems all through the games launch and beyond. There is hope that the game may eventually be developed and released at a later date, but I sincerely doubt that it is true. Microsoft has even removed all evidence of Scalebound from its personal Youtube page, including all trailers. Following the terrible movie and game adaptations of Eragon (I’m still annoyed) I think dragons are doomed to remain in the background of games… at least for the time being.

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