‘Battleborn’ : Beatrix Is Coming And Has Infected Us All With Her Creepy Awesomeness

The 30th Battleborn is arriving in just over a week and she is absolutely amazing. Battleborn is playing host to a rather special quest, and her name is Beatrix. Essentially this new Jennerit is a robotic Wednesday Addams, frozen at the age of 15 but is actually only 71 (I say only because for a Sustained Jennerit that is amazingly young).

Born with a terminal illness into a society that prizes strength and intelligence over all else, she would have been cast out and set aside, except for her natural genius-level intelligence. Thus she was saved by the Ritual of Sustainment and went on to serve the Jennerit Empire and herself quite well through her constant experimentation.

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 11.15.29 pm.png

Battleborn is full of up close and personal attackers, from brute force smashers such as Attikus all the way to medium range type heroes such as Alani, but now we get to add another sniper to the ranks. Beatrix comes equipped with a dangerously lethal ranged injector that can fire precision projectiles from a significant range. On top of this every single one of her abilities support the fact that she is a ranged support, but not in the traditional way. She is a scientist and has mastered her use of toxins, which effectively makes her a debuff sniper, capable of weakening and wounding her opponents with surgical efficiency.

Whether she is buffing attack speed with Patient Zero or weakening the enemy with Fulminate, Beatrix is a must have for any Battleborn team, as she will turn the tide of combat quite quickly if used properly. Oh and one more thing…Beatrix has experimented on herself so much that she is more biotech than human and her voice is as crazy as she is (It is scarily wondrous if not insanely creepy).

Beatrix is arriving on the 19th of January for early access, available for Digital Deluxe and Season Pass holders. Everyone else will have to wait an extra week to purchase her for 47, 500 credits. Luckily the 19th of January is also the release of the Winter Update so there will be plenty of credits to go around, with the changing reward system.

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