Crackdown 3

‘Crackdown 3’ Showing Some Cracks But Still Holding Together

Crackdown3 Agent City.jpg

We are in an age of video game wonder. Gaming engines are getting more powerful and visual effects are getting more spectacular. We’re so used to great quality games that if anything doesn’t meet the cumulative high standards we place on the games we love, we all morph into critics. Bigger and better is what we want but that can put significant strain on game developers and the games themselves.

We are in the wake of a tragedy in video gaming. You have most likely heard of Microsoft’s cancellation of the AAA title known as Scalebound, which was plagued by missed deadlines and problems with the game’s engine. In many ways, Scalebound was too ambitious a project with the resources Platinum attempted to utilise.

But back to Crackdown 3. According to Gamerant,a noted insider, shinobi602 has stated that the development of the third Crackdown has been “rough” but everything is on track to deliver a great experience to fans both new and old. However, much like many of his posts, his comments in relation to Crackdown 3 should be taken with a unicorn’s eyelash of believability – we can hope but it isn’t confirmed. Consider him the gaming Nostradamus.

As with other ambitious titles, Crackdown 3 has been hit with some major issues but nothing that could not be overcome. Shinobi602 has stated that the problems with the latest instalment in the series is nothing like Scalebound.

The problems that have delayed Crackdown could, in fact, be in relation to the way Reagent Games is attempting to redefine the entire multiplayer experience. On their website they state that they wished for a new multiplayer experience that will give gamers more than what they could have ever dreamed, “we showed that creating completely physical and destructible multiplayer environments is possible”. This is quite ambitious, even with the technology the realm of video gaming has at their disposal. We can only hope that everything is fine at the moment and Crackdown is well on track for a great release.

Crackdown 3 will be released later in 2017 for PC and Xbox One if all goes well.

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